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Video shows off duty cop shoving but not striking partygoers

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Video shows off  duty cop shoving  but not striking partygoers

This is a frame from the video that shows off duty Manteca Police officer Kirk Doty - just to the right under the ceiling light – putting his arm on a male who had just seconds before stepped...

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POSTED January 29, 2009 2:35 a.m.
The videotape taken at the party where an off-duty Manteca Police officer was alleged to have hit some guests shows him shoving a young man to the floor. The video clip shows Detective Kirk Doty looking angry as he talked to the unidentified guest before pushing him in the chest with both hands.

The video provided to the Bulletin by an attendee at the party does not show footage of the officer ever striking anyone with his fists.

In an earlier part of the videotape also taken inside the home where the party was held, the officer appears to be breaking up a verbal altercation and is shown pushing someone who was attempting to get into an escalating disagreement  with his left arm. With the noise from all the people shown in the videotape as well as from people talking behind the camera, it is somewhat difficult to hear what the officer is saying. You can clearly hear, though, someone standing by the camcorder camera saying, “Manteca police officer f….ng up students.”

Still another part of the video, in a clip that appears to have been taken prior to the physical altercations, Doty is shown smiling and laughing as he posed with several of the young party-goers in front of the video camera. He is also seen drinking a can of Bud Lite beer.

In what appears to be footage shot later on, the officer is shown with several young men outside on the street. In this scene, a male voice is picked up by the video camera, and is heard saying, “Manteca PD trying to hit kids with a car.” There was a car coming down the street but it wasn’t a Manteca Police unit. No fights had started at that point.

The silver JVC Camcorder which captured the scenes described above and other parts of the incident that took place sometime around 1 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 10, was confiscated by police from Shiloh Martinez who was also a guest at the going-away party for a young female friend who was flying the following week to Europe and study to be a nanny. The party was held at the home of this female friend. Police told Ramirez they were confiscating the camera as evidence but that he would get it back as soon as they have downloaded the contents.

Late last week, police returned the video camera to Ramirez who showed the videotape to the Bulletin. Ramirez, who went to the party with his friend Akeem Wade, 22, and another friend, said the handheld camcorder actually belongs to his mother but that she lets him use it anytime. He said he brought the camera to the party to videotape his friends.

What was not shown in the videotape are the incidents several partygoers claimed were Doty, his son and his son’s friends allegedly hitting, kicking and beating up Wade, Daniel Dinneen, 21, and another male guest named Robert described by party guests interviewed as also in his early 20s.

Wade claimed he was beaten up by the officer’s son and his friends until he fell unconscious to the ground, his face bloodied and three of his front teeth knocked out. Wade said he was attacked as he and Ramirez were going out of the house to walk to their car. They said they left the party after they were told by the officer to leave. Ramirez said Doty ordered him to leave when the officer noticed that Ramirez was videotaping him.

It was Ramirez who picked up his unconscious friend and dragged him about two to three houses down. A kind homeowner took Wade in, cleaned him up and, as soon as he regained consciousness, drove him home. Once at home, Wade realized he didn’t have his cell phone. Thinking it might have fellen where he was beat up, he asked a friend to drive him back to the scene of the party to look for it. They were able to find it on the ground where he was knocked down.

Later in the morning, Wade drove himself to the hospital for treatment. While there, he said three policemen arrived and questioned him.

He has since filed a complaint to the Police Department in which he shared what he saw transpire and experienced at the party.

Wade also said that while he and Ramirez were leaving the house, they saw Dinneen in a “verbal altercation” with Doty. That was confirmed by Dinneen who said he was trying to break up a fight between one person and three people who were attacking him when “people started throwing punches at me.” One of those people was the officer’s son, who is not being identified because he is a minor under 18 years of age. The man who was jumped by the three young men was his sister’s boyfriend.

“My sister started throwing punches at the people fighting me and her boyfriend. Officer Doty walked into one of my sister’s punches - she was actually throwing a punch at his son (but) he walked into it and he got hit instead.”

The officer then “shoved” his sister, after which Dinneen said, “I shoved him and said, ‘stay (profanity) away from my sister,’ and he punched me in the stomach and threw me into the ground. After that happened, his son and three other people kicked me repeatedly in the head.”

The video does not show the alleged punch to the stomach.

In an earlier story in the Bulletin, Dinneen’s mother Jean Daniels said her son took a punch from the officer to protect his sister from being hit by Doty.

“That’s sort of the way she pictured it in her mind, but what really happened was the way I described it,” said Dinneen.

He added that was the story he filed in complaint he filed with the Manteca Police Department.

Dinneen was taken to Kaiser Hospital’s emergency room that night by his mother who rushed to the scene after another daughter, who was notified by the sister who was at the party, called Daniels to tell her about what was happening. Dinneen and his sister were friends and neighbors of the family that hosted the party and lived just a few houses down the street.

A source told the Bulletin that the homeowners who hosted the party had called Doty, who is a friend and neighbor, to help in seeing to it that no problem happens. Some of the guests in the party are shown in the videotape holding opened cans of Bud Lite beer. Doty reportedly attended the party with his son and a daughter.

Police spokesman Rex Osborn said it was Doty who called the police to the scene. Ramirez said other people at the scene also used their cell phones to call 9-1-1.

The incident involving the off-duty officer is being investigated by the Manteca Police Department. In a statement released earlier by Public Information Officer Osborn, he stated that “once a complaint is filed it becomes a personnel issue and we no longer publicly comment on the investigation,” in accordance with the Police Department’s written policy regarding the process involving an internal affairs investigation.

He said the investigation will include “interviewing all those involved with first-hand information regarding the case to include officers and employees of the police department and citizens who were involved.  Once an investigation is completed, the results (will be) given to the chief of police, with the findings, for appropriate action.”

The city’s web site describes Officer Doty as a member of the Manteca Gang Task Force.
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