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Grocery stores readers would like to see City of Manteca bag

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POSTED May 3, 2014 1:22 a.m.

We asked our readers what grocery stores they would they like to see in Manteca and where they currently shop.

• Vickie F.: Mi Pueblo, and (unless they’re already happening and I’m missing them) actual farmers markets would be amazing.

• Nancy C.: We love West Yosemite Savemart and would like it to be enlarged to accommodate more stock. A welcome new addition would be Trader Joe’s.

• Fred I.: More organic stores.

• Pat M.: Love WinCo, never been to Trader Joe’s! But put it on the west end of town. Even in Lathrop would be good!

• Connie R.: Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s ... Isn’t it obvious why?

• Casey M.: Trader Joe’s, but I’d also like to see another Safeway go up on the corner of Airport and Louise! 

• Shaun F.: In Manteca I shop at Raley’s, the employees, the store products and overall everything about the store is worth the extra that is so worth it!!!! I love my Raley’s and its employees - they are like family!

• Stephanie V.: Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s. Not a “cheaper” option like a WinCo but a healthier organic alternative. More local. Manteca is in the heart of the Central Valley and a gateway to the Bay. We need to get with the times. Enough bargain stores and fast food chains. A few are fine but those are our only options if we are to stay in Manteca. It leaves us no other option but to head out of town and spend our money elsewhere.

• Ashley C.: WinCo’s a win-win for fresh variety and affordable health food.

• Irene G.: A Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods would be awesome. But in the meantime I’m a Raley’s shopper, now if only they’d get on board with the personal shopper feature and have my groceries ready when I got there!

• Jennifer R.: Ricks Whole Foods and Sprouts. The drive for our groceries each week is getting a little ridiculous.

• Lori B.: We routinely spend a good portion of our food budget out of town because we go where they sell what we want to buy!

• Glenn H.: Sprouts or Trader Joe’s. Whole Foods can’t survive with our demographic. Time to make Manteca the healthiest city in the county.

• Tracy C.: I would loooove a Co-Op in Manteca so I don’t have to keep going to Sac! I’ll settle for a Trader Joe’s, or Sprouts or Whole Paycheck (Um ... I mean Whole Foods). Organic, local, grass fed, small farm meats. I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, but I feel sorry for anyone who is in this town (2 of my daughters are). I love eating clean and would LOVE some organic and farm-to-table options! 

• Alea M.: It may be more costly but every other store has a small selection for more than what I pay to drive to Sprouts for organic clean foods, especially for families with food allergies.

• Pamela B.: I shop at Grocery Outlet, save lots every week. I would love it if we had a better farmers market though, considering the location of Manteca having it only June through August is ridiculous. Tracy, Stockton and Modesto all have multiple times and days, some are even year round.

• Lynn B.: O’Briens is locally owned if you want to support that rather than a big box name. 

• Matthew McG.: Whole Foods are HORRIBLE corporate citizens. Trader Joe’s would be welcome in our Lathrop/Manteca area. I would like to see a Sweet Tomatoes/Fresh Choice type restaurant. I am excited that Panera is coming. They have wonderful food. For groceries, I mostly shop at Save Mart, sometimes at Safeway or Target. I “never” shop at The Wal-Mart 1 Percent. I will not support that horrible family.

• Robyn B.: I would really like to have a Whole Foods! This valley is big enough to support it. Whole Foods has such an amazing selection and variety of healthy foods that are not easy to find around here. I travel all over to find the foods that I’m interested in & need to eat. The money I spend on gas, to travel to the Bay Area, could be used shopping at a local Whole Foods. That would not only be good for me, it would bring more jobs our area.

• Pete L.: I used to live in Manteca and I’ve never seen any food shopping center on Union and Atherton Road were Bass Pro Shop is. I bet people who live in that area might be sick of driving to other side of freeway.

• Michele F.: You can have FRESH produce delivered to your door or office from Farm Fresh To You! We’ve been doing it for years.

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