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Mantecans hungry for restaurants

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POSTED May 3, 2014 1:23 a.m.

The Bulletin asked its readers what restaurants they’d like to see in Manteca. The response was overwhelming. In just one day, there were 252 responses.

Here’s a sampling of what readers are saying about what restaurants they’d like to see in Manteca:

• April G.: Would love a restaurant like Fruit & Salad Co. or Tossed. They are restaurants that specialize in healthy fresh foods and are yummy!!!

• Christy Z.: Olive Garden! Manteca has zero inexpensive Italian restaurants and it would definitely generate business.

• Claud A.: Texas Roadhouse or Fresh Choice by the movie theater ... Would be nice to have something other than Red Robin there.

• Monica G.: A good ol’ fashion bar and grill. A place where you can grab a good burger and beer with a good atmosphere. A place where you can go with a crowd or just you and a friend. That would be sweet.

• Carianne K.: I’d like to see a non-chain, farm to table type place. Locally sourced, good quality food.

• Beth G.: We need more entertainment for college students and adults besides bars. There is no nightlife here. Maybe we should have Rainforest Cafe.

• Amy B.: A healthy fast food for us moms on the go! PLEASE no more junk food, crappy fast food on every corner! Anytime we want steak, Italian or buffet we have to go out of town.

• Hector S.: Anything can be healthy... Just eat in moderation. Self-control, that’s all it takes.

• Michele O.: Something similar to La Mo in Turlock that serves healthy local foods and supports local farmers and ranchers! Enough of the fast and chemical-laden food!!!

• Trey G.: I don’t want to call people stupid but do y’all understand demographics at all? So many people asking for the same restaurants that are 15 minutes in every direction! Outback, Texas Roadhouse, HomeTown Buffet, Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings blah blah blah ... You think they’re going to put three Texas Roadhouses within a half hour of each other? Come on, man!

• Ekgurjas K.: A restaurant catering to vegans/ vegetarians, like Ike’s Place.

• Susan S.: We need a healthy choice with a unique twist. I love healthy sandwiches. Whole grain bread, freshness. 

• Tricia B.: Dave and Buster’s! Definitely next to AMC! We need more family fun oriented places. 

• Lisa K.: I miss the diverse cultural foods and restaurants of Orange County, California. I’d love to be able to find some great Persian food nearby. A Wahoo’s Fish Tacos would be awesome. Something fresh & healthy. A good steakhouse would also be great. Manteca needs something other than fast food, pizza places, and Mexican places ... we have enough already.

• Tina B.: BJ’s for their variety and home brewed root beer! It has a little something for everyone. Manteca needs more dining establishments for sure. What about a Red Lobster or Olive Garden as well. Both have nice menus and would be a very nice change from the same ol’ same ol’ that we have now.

• Chris J.: My thoughts! I think a BJ’s Restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, or Texas Roadhouse, and Olive Garden should be built near the movie theater area. It would be nice to watch a movie and then eat in the same area instead of having to go to Tracy or Modesto. I also know that a lot of people come to Manteca to watch a movie here as we have the nicest theater around. But leave to go eat in another town because of limited choices.

• Tracy C.: I agree. A healthy alternative ... non-GMO, organic, farm-to-table, home cooked, all-natural, vegetarian and vegan options, possibly with a garden onsite with fresh veggies and herbs. Local, grass-fed and humane farms only. Yes please!!

• Irene G.: I’d like to see some really great non-chain style food come into this town. A restaurant where the person making my food actually went to Culinary School! Fresh, local, healthy cuisine.

• Aimee R.: How about a great steakhouse at the old Kelly Brothers location downtown? Great venue that shouldn’t be sitting empty!

• Lisa S.: Non-chain, no more fast food. Love Ernie’s here. Something like Dewz in Modesto, or Lucca’s in Sacramento.

• Melissa H.: Let’s strive to make Manteca one of the healthiest cities around! My mission in life is to make America healthier and beat obesity by making healthier choices! But, I do agree we need another market such as Trader Joe’s or Sprouts in town. You also have to be realistic and know that these companies such as Cheesecake Factory and such will only open in a larger demographic such as Modesto. Baja Fresh, Rubio’s, Panera and Corner Bakery are more realistic choices for restaurants and offer healthier options!

• N. C.: Something that isn’t a national chain ... how about somebody opens a restaurant that’s serves seasonal locally produced food. Look into the practices of these national chains, have you interviewed some of the servers from these joints?

• Michelle G.: We need healthy foods! Something with vegetarian and vegan options. I’d like to go out and order something more than a salad! It would also be nice but I’m sure too much to ask for, if it was a food allergy safe environment. Meaning that when I ask about cross contamination, they have a clue what I’m talking about.

• Michelle K.: We have way too many fast food places. Anything involving something fun for kids. Eating a happy meal and playing in the kids place isn’t really proving a point in healthy eating or play. Seems to me bowling in Manteca is expensive. We don’t go that often I’ll admit but we did it once and once in Modesto and I remember it being cheaper. But something’s that fun for all ages. 

• Nicole S.: I agree with the thought of a non-chain with fresh and light food, maybe with a nice outdoor seating area.

• David Q.: No big chain … A nice diner style restaurant. A steakhouse would be nice.

• Tami P.: Sweet Tomatoes and Outback. I just moved from the Bay Area and I am missing a good salad bar. Especially on our HOT summer nights.

• Tanya S.: Some unique, local, clean, and healthy restaurants and cafes with nice ambiance both indoors and out in our downtown would be great similar to Tracy, Lodi, Livermore, Pleasanton etc. and would sure help Manteca’s economy.

• Christina R.: There are way too many chain restaurants in Manteca already! If anything, Manteca could still use more small businesses, especially when it comes to restaurants. I truly believe that there needs to be more entertainment for kids and families on a budget. It would give kids a place to have good quality fun. We all know that Manteca is not the place to be on the weekends because there’s not much to do, so why not invest in activities to keep our families in town? It would be nice to see the Promenade Shops at Orchard Valley full and completed too. It’s such a beautiful area with much promise!

• Teena B.: Something similar to 1st Street Ale House in Livermore. Anything, but another chain or Mexican food place.

• Kelly C.: Outback, any type of real restaurant. We need to BAN any more fast food from building in our city. We need to good family friendly, healthy options. There is the magic word Manteca, OPTIONS!!! We need to fill up Promenade shops, so many people come from all over to go to Bass Pro, let’s keep them spending money here in our town. So many people come from all over to use our amazing softball fields ... Keep them here spending too. WE have potential, Manteca, to be an awesome city... Let’s fill in the empty buildings, bring some great restaurants, stores and keep our tax dollars in OUR OWN town. 

• Garrit McG.: Manteca needs not only get variety , but the “Outbacks”, “McDonalds”, all the “chain” places, need to go away. We have 10-15 burger places, mostly chains. Manteca needs to let small business owners with great wine and spirits lounges, and awesome small business mom and pop places open up. There is money in Manteca, too bad from the powers that be in local government and that arena, no one promotes or gives that type of place a chance to exist. This sends us out to other towns. I know for a fact over by Bass Pro, the owners of those buildings will only let “chain” restaurants in there ... So it remains empty... Whatever type of food happens, I think would be great, we know what we don’t want... And that’s what is going on currently in town. Support LOCAL! I love Manteca!

• Edie E.: We need small business owners. I miss Coffee Time and Steak! Such good food and the little patio was starting to look so beautiful. No more hamburger and chicken places. Although, my husband would like to have our Long John Silver’s back!

• Alycia M.: Any restaurant/cafe/bistro that is not a chain, uses locally sourced foods on their menu.

• Sheryllynn: I would really love any restaurant that serves meats without antibiotics, and is good about gluten cross contamination. I have severe food allergies, and currently the only place I can eat in Manteca is Chipotle.

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