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Boys find wallet with $450, return it to owner

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Boys find wallet with $450, return it to owner

Nicole Stanley and her sons – 11-year-old Kimoni and 14-year-old Nicholas – take a picture just after the two boys were thanked for returning a wallet with $450 in cash inside. Both boys were given...

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POSTED May 16, 2014 1:36 a.m.

When Nicole Stanley’s two sons came running back up to her energetically after playing basketball at the park near their home, she didn’t think anything of it. 

After all, they are 14 and 11. Energetic is what they do. 

But when her oldest son produced a wallet that had $450 in cash inside – a wallet that he found while playing with his friends – she was taken aback. Not necessarily shocked, but not really knowing what to say either. 

She beamed. This was less than 24 hours before Mother’s Day and here was a prime example of the trustworthiness of her two young sons. They could have taken the money and bought a whole lot of candy. A whole lot of candy. Video games. Snacks at school. They could have just taken a little bit before turning it over. 

But when the man who lost it ended up getting it back later that night thumbed through it to see if everything was there – including the money – he couldn’t stop saying “thank you.”

“He said it over-and-over and you could tell that he was just legitimately happy to have it all back,” Stanley said. “He had his credit cards and his debit cards and his ID – he had his whole life in that wallet. 

“And he reached in and pulled out $50 and he handed it to one of my sons and another $50 and handed it to my other son. He said that he was so appreciative that they did what they did – it would have been so easy just to take the money and throw the wallet out. But they didn’t do that. And it was the best Mother’s Day gift in the entire world.”

The story echoes Lathrop High student Matthew Hernandez who last year picked up a wallet in the parking lot of Save Mart in Lathrop and found $2,000 in cash inside. Rather than take it, he took it inside and eventually crossed paths with the rightful owner. Manteca businessman Phil Waterford ended up buying Hernandez a Playstation 4 and handing him a $6,000 college scholarship. 

For 14-year-old Nicholas and 11-year-old Kimoni, it was iTunes cards and some Nike shorts and socks that they both opted for with their reward money. 

And knowing that her boys have integrity is something that Nicole Stanley said you can never put a price tag on. 

“You hear about all of the negatives and all of the bad things that kids end up doing today,” she said. “I’m beyond proud that they didn’t go that route. It was the best Mother’s Day gift I could have ever asked for.” 

Both young men attend Nile Garden Elementary where Kimoni is a fifth grader and Nicholas is a seventh grader.

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