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Ripon High: Dress for success

When picking outfit, ask yourself: Would you wear it to work?

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POSTED August 2, 2014 12:12 a.m.

What’s the dress code “dos and don’ts” at Ripon High?

Among the “don’ts’ is anything to do with the gang culture.

According to the policy, this is “article of clothing, manner of grooming, or accessories of any kind denoting gang affiliation.”

This would include clothing that might depict any advertising or glorification of gangs, guns, violence, drugs, put-downs or any anti-group slogans.

Apparel promoting any specific race, culture or ethnicity is also prohibited.

Excessive baggy or oversized clothing is a no-no.

For the most part, the Ripon High dress code it involves career planning or how one might dress for work.

Some extreme fashions or appearances – anything considered inappropriate or distracting to the educational process – are also not allowed.

The RHS guidelines for all students include the following:

• Clothing – All skirts, blouses, skirts and pants must be properly secured with appropriate fasteners. Dresses and skirts will not be so long as to be stepped on while shorts must be mid-thigh in length or longer.

• Hairstyle – Hair must be clean and fashioned appropriately for school. It can’t be excessively color or radically cut to draw excessive attention while serving as a classroom distraction.

• Taste – Clothing and jewelry may not have anything that draw attention to body parts or promote personal views on defiant or violent behavior, alcohol, drugs, tobacco or sex.

• Spandex or leggings – The Spandex shorts are only OK as an undergarment. Leggings and shorts that are revealing of certain body parts are unacceptable.

• Undergarment – Threadbare or lack of underwear exposing or revealing the anatomy are a no-no. Undergarments, sleepwear and indoor slippers worn as an outer garment are also prohibited.

• Cosmetics – While the use of cosmetics and perfumes are not encouraged or recommended, they can be used but not in a manner to draw excessive attention or cause a distraction.

A first-time offender of the dress code will receive a warning and correct the violation coupled with notification of a parent.

Second time offenders gets 30 minute detention and a parent notification.

Those in violation for a third time will get an hour detention and a parent notification.

As for the fourth-time offender, he or she will be referred to administration.

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