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Lathrop Police push driving under influence lesson

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After going through the Fatal Vision Goggles demonstration, high school sophomore Mariya Khweiss poses for a photo with Lathrop Police officers attending the National Night out celebration at Gener...


POSTED August 7, 2014 2:06 a.m.

Mariya Khweiss has never had a sip of alcohol in her life. But the high school sophomore knows how it feels to be three times above the legal limit of being under the influence of alcohol.

“I really couldn’t see anything. Everything was completely out of order. I saw double; triple actually,” she said after volunteering to try on the Fatal Vision Goggles at the Generations Center in Lathrop Tuesday evening.

The Fatal Vision Goggles demonstration was an educational presentation put on by the Lathrop Police Services as part of the National Night Out neighborhood party celebration. They took the educational demonstration to other block parties that same night as well.

The goggles, which were made to represent each of the various degrees of impairment, are used to vividly demonstrate the concept of impairment and the dangers of driving while under the influence. In the Lathrop Police Services kit, which was just purchased last week, the goggles represent various levels of alcohol impairment.

Wearing one of the lowest rated goggles, Khweiss did not have any trouble at all in the standard sobriety test called the heel-to-toe. But when she put on the goggles that represented three times the legal limit – 2.5 and above – the effect became very apparent as her steps slowly weaved and appeared unable to walk in a straight line.

Lt. James Hood said they plan to use the Fatal Vision Goggles at various community events, holding the same demonstrations they had at the Generations Center National Night Out event where the presentation was held for the very first time in Lathrop. They also intend to give the same educational presentation to high school and junior high students and use them as a means to prevent impaired driving among the young. It’s an inexpensive tool with a high impact, Hood said about what the Fatal Vision Goggles can do to prevent injuries and even save lives due to impaired driving.


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