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Why color does not matter

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POSTED February 1, 2015 11:46 p.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

(This is in response to Manteca Unified School, District trustee’s Ashley Drains “why do you care?” comment that was part of an email exchange with a parent that appeared in Sunday’s Bulletin where Drain asserted whites don’t care about issues facing minority children.)

 “Why do you care?” Maybe, because we are all human beings and we have to live on the same planet, but mostly, because whatever affects one aspect of a community spills over to the rest of the community and also because racism and prejudice is not exclusively a black issue.  Every single person from every part of the world that has emigrated to this country, including at least the first generation children, have suffered from some form of poverty, slavery, prejudice, bullying, racism, poor education and whatever else was dished out to them as foreigners.  With strong character, conviction and hard work, they overcame all those prejudices and victimizations and made this country what it is. 

I care because innocent young children are killed daily in neighborhood drive-bys.  I care because parents work hard to teach their children to be good human beings only to lose them to  neighborhood gangs, drugs and crimes.  I care because there are children that truly want to learn and make something of themselves but are hindered by undisciplined and unruly conditions at school.  I care because when there is someone that comes forward to make a difference (like in the case of Paul Vallas in Chicago), they are made to disappear.  Why are there no protests for these injustices?  Color does not matter, it is happening all across the nation.  Lives are lost, families are shattered, and for what?

If the education system is to be fixed, everything needs to be put on the table.  You cannot solve the problem by picking and choosing a few factors and ignoring all the rest.  A child’s education begins on the day it is born and if the parent is not there to teach that child character, respect, discipline and principles, what can you expect a teacher to do afterwards?  Again, color does not matter, it affects everyone.

Artemis Vourakis


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