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‘The Donald’ is acting presidential

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POSTED December 14, 2016 12:47 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Donald Trump has not even been sworn in as president yet, and yet, he is already making America great again. This should make all Americans happy.  Unfortunately, there are those Democrats like Larry Baca, who are not happy.  Baca has emerged from his “safe space” to proclaim to the city that he “refuses to remain quiet.”  What a shocker!  Anything less would have been wishful thinking considering he couldn’t remain quiet when his man was in office.  Many liberals out there are still crying in shock that Trump is president.  My advice is to get over it.  You will survive just as I survived the eight years of Barack.
“The Donald” is acting presidential, saving and creating jobs for Americans.  He picked up the phone and prevented jobs from leaving America to Mexico after negotiations with Carrier Air Conditioning.  Those are families who can enjoy Christmas this year.  Those are families that will be paying taxes and buying products that support other Americans with other jobs.  A Ford plant in Kentucky also announced they will stay in America.  A Japanese businessman has vowed to invest $50 billion in America and create 50,000 American jobs. 
Now I can see why Baca and other liberals need their “safe place” to shed their tears.  Under Trump, American families will be working and most people who work vote Republican.  They will not be relying on government assistance.  Those individuals are known to vote Democrat.  This is causing anxiety for liberals like Baca.  They must do something.  So to feel good, they create anarchy, destroy the property of others, or challenge the election with recounts.   Baca in his letter assumed I was disturbed writing, “I don’t know what is most disturbing to Aquila, the demonstrations against the election of Trump or the call for recounts in three states.” Baca continued, “Aquila was disturbed by all this, he called for those who opposed Trump to ‘…go back to the country that you recognize’.”  First off Baca, you left out an important part. Those people were chanting “Not my president.”  So if Trump is not their president, they must not be Americans.  So yes, they should go back to their own country if Trump is not their president.  Over 60 million Americans voted against Obama did not riot in the street creating anarchy. 
Second, do not call those rioting, vandals, who block traffic or yell for the death of police officers demonstrators.  They are criminals creating anarchy using violence and intimidation to suppress those who do not agree with them.  They should be locked up for their lawlessness.  And please do not compare the peaceful gatherings by the Tea Party, a filibuster by Ted Cruz, or Congressman Joe Wilson’s “You lie” comment as equal to criminal behavior.  By the way, Wilson was correct when he stated Obama lied when Obama lied about Obamacare.
I welcome the recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  It is great to see liberals waste their own money and give it to the working people running the recount that actually shows Trump gaining even more votes than previously reported.
Trump won and the American people won!  Trump has already called for the cancellation of a ridiculous contract by Boeing to create a new presidential plane at an astronomical cost of $4.2 billion.  Trump said, “No Deal.”  It is about time we had someone running the show with some common sense.  Trump also will be working for free, refusing to be paid as president. So Baca, you can crawl back to your “safe space” with your Badge of Honor and build your own wall around you if you must.

Frank Aquila

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