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Top Manteca city brass earn $1.5 million plus

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POSTED April 3, 2017 12:52 a.m.

How much is the top echelon of city management that consists of 10 positons costing Manteca taxpayers?

Depending on where specific individuals fall on the salary range based on longevity it is between $1,503,320 and $1,783,812 a year.

That information is gleaned from a salary matrix the City Council is being asked to approve for public access Tuesday to stay compliant with requirements of the California Public Employees Retirement System.

The figures only reflect salary. And for employees entitled to overtime it only covers base pay. Pension costs, health insurance and other benefits are not included.

Personnel costs account for $26.497,085 or 76 percent of all general fund expenditures that are projected at $35,331,915 for the current fiscal year ending June 30. The dollar amount does not include enterprise workers covered by sewer, water, and solid waste fees as well as city golf workers. It also doesn’t include employees paid with grants or special funding sources such as landscape maintenance districts or the Measure M Public Safety half cent sales tax.

There is no salary schedule for the city manager as it is a contracted position. The current pay is $195,636 a year.

The assistant city manager pay range is $157,104 to $190,944.

Four positions — the community development director, human resources director, finance director, and parks and recreation director — all have pay ranges of $142,404 to $173,112.

The fire chief pay range is $143,736 to $174,696 while the police chief pay range is $150,936 to $183,444. 

The pay range for the public works director/engineer is $149,520 to $181,752 and $135,708 to $164,892 for the city clerk.

All full-time employees received a 2 percent pay raise on Jan. 1, 2017.

A spot check of other city positions and their base salary ranges (excluding overtime) include:

uPolice Officer I, $79.643 to $96,848 

uPolice Officer II, $92,146 to $111,978

uPolice sergeant, $112,073 to $136,303

uFire captain, $94,752 to $114,760

uFirefighter/engineer, $80.355 to $97.193

uFirefighter, $72,029 to $87,057

uSolid Waste operator II, $46,532 to $55,551

uCustodian II, $44,313 to $53,843

uEquipment mechanic I, $47,642 to $57,916

uParks/golf maintenance worker I, $42,249 to $51,315

uSolid waste equipment operator II, $46,532 to $56,551

uStreet maintenance equipment operator I, $46,532 to $56,551

uSenior customer service representative, $47,896 to $58,261

As an added note for those that think the council members get full-time pay, they receive a stipend of $500 a month or $6,000 a year including the mayor. The only other commission members that are paid are those on the planning commission. They receive $40 a meeting.

Once the complete salary matrix is approved by the City Council, it will be posted on the municipal website.

City abates its

weeds by start

of inspections

Someone at city hall is on their toes.

For the first time in over a decade since Atherton Home gave the city land for a future fire station at Atherton Drive and Woodward Avenue, the weeds were abated before firefighters started their annual weed inspection.

A complaint over the years has been the city will put rules in place for everyone else and then not follow them. It seems that is changing. A few people over the years have noted the irony of the city issuing others citations while not making the fire station site was in compliance given the enforcement effort is to reduce the potential for fires.

As a reminder weed inspections are now underway. Owners of property were weeds are 6 inches or higher that can be seen from the cab of a fire engine going down a street or alley will get a warning to comply within a certain amount of time. Failure to do so leads to fines.


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