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Manteca needs to help protect veterans as they are library staff

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POSTED April 6, 2017 12:46 a.m.

Memo to Manteca City Council:
Want to make good on a promise made over a year ago to protect the Manteca Veterans Center from the homeless and others seeking to get inside a fenced in area at the back of the building on Moffat Boulevard to strip perhaps $40 worth of copper wire from a $10,000 air condition unit?
Do what you authorized on Tuesday to protect the Manteca Library and to ensure the safety of city building maintenance workers and library employees arriving at work in the morning that sometimes encounter belligerent homeless people camping out in the courtyard of the library — install a 7-foot high wrought iron security fence with a gate.
 The decorative steel spikes are an effective deterrent although someone on city staff  may have to figure out how to alter the wavy metal surface of the Veterans Center wall along the outside of the fence to make sure vandals and thieves can’t use the wall to climb up and over.
And while you’re at it you might want to splurge and do the same for the trash enclosure where the veterans have had other items they store stolen by thieves breaking into it.
Since we’re talking about wrought iron fencing, isn’t it about time to make the Manteca Police Department building compound more secure especially since the odds of the city in the foreseeable future isn’t that great of building a police station that houses everything in one building instead of two separate structures plus portables connected by breezeways?
The new evidence building under construction has a 7-foot high wrought iron security fence.
It begs the question whether what is in place is adequate especially given someone planning the evidence building decided 6-foot fencing doesn’t cut it.
Considering the library courtyard is being secured with ornamental wrought iron fence that includes two gates for $6,191 the Manteca Veterans Center would likely cost less than that even with splurging to secure the trash enclosure.

Love Manteca
seeks volunteers
for this Saturday
If you’ve got four hours to spare this Saturday, Love Manteca can still use some help.
Organizers indicate the most pressing needs — in  prioritized order — involve spreading bark at two parks, Love INC’s treasures storage re-organization, oil changers for cars owned by single moms and widows, indoor painting at Lincoln Elementary School,  Moffat tree basins work, low limbs and bushes along the Tidewater, and mulch spreading on the Tidewater. There is also a project for next week (Saturday, April 15) for a few people who cannot make it this Saturday).
Love Manteca takes place rain or shine.
To avoid a logjam this Saturday at registration, organizers are asking those willing to volunteer to do go to where you will find the list of projects as well.
The registration and kick-off is at 9 a.m. at the Crossroads Grace Community Church on Moffat Boulevard between the 120 Bypass and Woodward Avenue. Almost all volunteer projects involve three hours of work.
To contact Dennis Wyatt, email

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