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Youth can draw inspiration from Komenich

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POSTED July 7, 2017 9:44 p.m.

Hardly a student at Manteca High School knows anything about Kim Komenich today — I know, as I continue to ask those I meet at the school and on the street with them answering, “Who?” 
Kim is the perfect example for the teens of Manteca at his alma mater even though he graduated many years ago.
Kim has long been a serious mentor in the classroom and in life for those around him.  He has returned to MHS several times over the years, offering small photography workshops in the library.
He’s currently in Pamplona for the filming of the “Running of the Bulls” with four of his former multimedia college students and five Spanish professionals. Those pros from Spain have an interactive website @ Fiesta Pamplona with a film project organized by Neal Waters. The picture of Kim on Facebook is awesome, still flashing his fantastic personality.
Kim worked for me years ago when I was editor of the Bulletin and I couldn’t be prouder of him today if he were one of my sons. He has accomplished so much in his life despite being challenged by so many adversities as he was growing up. 
His portrait should be hanging on a wall at Manteca High with his success story for students to emulate.

Manteca Rotary President (1986-1987) insurance broker Ron Van Essen made his mark during his year leading the club by raising funds when they were slow in coming for the International Polio project.  It was in that fiscal year that he came up with the idea of establishing Rotary Polio Plus, and his club members followed him and donated more to the cause of obliterating the debilitating and crippling disease in the third world countries.
It was in 1986 that Rotary International made a debut of its Polio Plus Program in India to wipe out the disease with a $2.6 million U.S. grant and Von Essen wanted to see his Manteca club contribute more than they had planned — and they stepped up for him.

My small apartment in Ripon is finally being replaced by a larger home, but the thought of moving was overwhelming until friends began to offer their help.  One was my pharmacist, who offered the assistance of her husband and his pickup truck — saying he would be more than happy to help on a recent Saturday at the agreed upon 10 a.m. He totally agreed and I felt truly humbled. I had only two large and heavy items that I was anxious to get transported trying not to take advantage.
He showed up right on time and she was in the truck with him.  They didn’t rest with the move of the two items, staying until late afternoon urging me to let them take more — and take more they did from my apartment and from my storage units.  The following week they were back again and brought a friend, determined that the move was going to happen in a timely manner.  These are very religious folks but they don’t wave a religious flag — instead showing their faith through their actions. Friendship like this is priceless.  While we were moving again last weekend, another friend was lining my shelves and drawers in my kitchen.  So much more help than I could have imagined and even more guys are stepping up today to move the last of the heavy furniture.  Blessings.
Once all the boxes find their place inside the house and the garage, there is the gigantic chore of putting it all away and hanging those special pictures and paintings on the stark walls. There is a light shining brightly at the end of the tunnel.
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