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Rocky the Squirrel & transgenders

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POSTED July 29, 2017 12:46 a.m.

I was stunned.
Or, as Rocky the Flying Squirrel would say, “Holy smokes!”
Rocky of “Rocky and Bullwinkle” cartoon fame was a girl.
Or more precisely he was voiced by a girl.
Actress June Foray — dubbed as the “female Mel Blanc” by admirers of the range of voices she mastered — passed away this week at age 99.
I knew of Foray from one show — The Twilight Zone. She voiced Talky Tina, a murderous doll that to this day still sends shivers down my spine when I think of the episode and the voice.
I didn’t know she was Rocky’s voice.
In a way it’s kind of ironic that her death came just as the nation is revisiting the transgender debate.
Foray wasn’t transgender. That isn’t the point.
The fact that most of us — I least I assume that — had no idea that Rocky’s voice wasn’t done by a man is the point.
Everyone who has even seen Peter Pan performed live knows that most who have filled the role of the mischievous and free-spirited boy that can take to the skies and never grows up are petite women. Mary Martin is the prime example. You are well aware that it is a woman and not a man portraying a boy.
And in comedy bits ranging from Harvey Korman dressed up as women characters on the Carol Burnett Show or Eddie Murphy portraying Big Mama, there was no shock.
Foray did her job so well most didn’t notice Rocky was being voiced by a woman.
It is the same way with transgenders. If they do their job well, then there should be no issue.
The military, however, comes with a big asterisk. You are not simply doing a job. Instead you are “living” a job 24-7 which means there are showers and other considerations.
The best way to eliminate any such concerns would be to only allow transgenders to serve who have already had gender reassignment surgery so therefore outward plumbing and such are the same as the sex they identify with.
It would also eliminate the issue that’s surfaced of the military having to pay for gender reassignment surgery. You might argue that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the overall military bill for health services, but it ignores one key point.
Someone who has issues with their gender and body aren’t going to be the best candidates for military service. They have some serious issues to deal with that need to be address before joining a regimented existence where lives are on the line.
And just like the military won’t take people for a number of pre-existing conditions, they also shouldn’t take them if their pre-existing condition is that they have determined they are of the wrong gender and can’t be made whole until they have a sex reassignment surgery.
It is true the military has been on the forefront of equality movements in this country. It doesn’t matter the gender, color, faith, or race of who is in the trench if they can be counted on when it matters.
But there is more to it than courage and guts. Military service is a lot more than just fighting. You spend a lot of time in close quarters.
There would be huge issues with “transgenderized only in mind” co-ed showers and co-ed barracks for obvious reasons. A transgender service member assigned according to the gender they are comfortable with when they still have the visible plumbing of their birth gender is a little more than problematic.
Of course, LBGT militants won’t cut the military — or of anyone else — any slack. They want everything on their terms.
And when someone declares they are transgender and identify as someone of the opposite sex than the DNA assigned them at birth, they demand they be treated the same as everyone else of their chosen gender even if they still have their birth features.
To act as if this isn’t a problem is disingenuous at best.
A solider born male but has been transformed physically to a female isn’t going to stick out among other female soldiers. But one with the exterior plumbing as a male well.
Keep in mind that we are talking about the military, and not school. Military personnel work and live together as in sleep and shower in the same quarters.
There is a reason the military has had a difficult time getting rules in place for transgenders to make sure they are treated like other service personnel. Male service personnel are male. Female personnel are female. If a transgender has already made the physical switch via surgery, they are going to fit in and should be treated like others of their adopted sex.
Those who are transgender and still have the 100 percent body of the sex they don’t identify with are a different story. There are basic physical and physiology differences between men and women. You can craft all of the legislation, issue all of the executive orders, and make all the demands you want, but you can’t change it.
And if you think there is no difference between a transgender born with one set of genitals but has determined they are of the other gender and haven’t surgically altered their plumbing and the transgender who has, then you are burying you head in politics.

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