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Out-of-district kids of teachers, no one else can attend MUSD

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POSTED September 12, 2017 1:26 a.m.

If you live outside the Manteca Unified School District and you want your child to attend a MUSD school you are out of luck — unless you are a school district employee.
The school board last month reaffirmed a decision that has been in place for several years that Manteca Unified will not accept inter-district agreement requests. That’s when a family outside the district’s boundaries wishes for their child to attend a Manteca Unified school.
There is an exception to the rule, however. School employees that live outside the district can make a request to attend Manteca Unified Schools and it will typically be honored.
District Superintendent Jason Messer said allowing staff that lives elsewhere enroll their students in Manteca Unified schools is “a perk” the district can offer employees.
Messer said the district also gains from such an arrangement as teachers that are parents tend to be able to spend more time on after school endeavors as they aren’t in a rush to get home to their kids.
In the past, inter-district agreements were requested by those that may own a business or employed within the boundaries of Manteca Unified.
While the district is no longer considering any new inter-district attendance requests except from employees, Messer noted in the past having the children of non-district employees that don’t live in Manteca Unified tended to be problematic.
Rarely would such students enroll and stay in Manteca Unified until high school graduation. District staff, on the other hand, tend to be long-term employees.
Messer indicated with increasing enrollment from growth he doesn’t expect the continuation of the perk for district employees will impact the district’s ability to house students.
“There isn’t a real large number of students involved,” Messer said.
The district still collects state funding for the students attending Manteca Unified on inter-district agreements. That said the cost this year of educating a student in Manteca Unified is pushing $10,500 while the state provides only $9,000. The district is drawing down its reserves to cover the difference. At the current rate without a significant change in school financing, the district could wipe out its reserves by the 2019-2020 school year.
If there are two dozen students that are sons and daughters of Manteca Unified employees attending school from out of district, as a perk inter-district agreements are costing the district $36,000 a year.

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