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Planning on something new

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POSTED May 18, 2011 1:19 a.m.

My buddy Stephen posts things like, “The kings aren’t going to catch themselves.”

It’s funny, because yeah, fish don’t just appear on your grill, and there are some mornings the temptation to sleep in is almost too much. That is until you realize that it’s not an ordinary day, and never have you thought while cranking in a steelhead, king salmon, halibut, rainbow, brown or brook trout, ‘Boy, I could be sleeping right now.’

It takes some work, but it’s worth it to break from cozy familiarity and be productive.

With summer weeks away, it’s the time of the year when most have some semblance of an attack plan for the next two months. Maybe it’s a week at Pine Crest spending the mornings drifting around the water dredging streamers on sink-tips or throwing Powerbait, or finding pretty trout in pockets near Kennedy Meadows.

Regardless, there is probably a return trip on your itinerary. You’ve been there, you know the layout, and it might even be easy.

It’s certainly not a detriment to be somewhat predictable when it comes to summer plans, but the rewards of discovery can shake staleness.

I was in an exclusive relationship with the Klawock River growing up, but this summer I will spend much of my time on the Thorne. I am most excited, though, about checking out the stretches and creeks I have yet to fish.

Last year I drove down an old logging road pinched by alder trees that wiped the sides of my truck. The water was low — I saw exactly zero fish and even scratched my truck.

Still, it was worth it because it was that same attitude to find someplace new that led me to The Oven. It’s a highly technical salmon spot that won’t get you a limit, but will keep you from getting skunked.

It’s taken a long time to get a grip on my home island which has 900 miles of coastline and dozens of creeks, rivers and lakes teeming with fish.

I haven’t even begun to scratch California’s fishing scene has a whole.

My buddy Nate had a spot way up the 101 on the Van Duzen River. It was nice for the post-basketball season fishing trip, but took an entire morning and part of an afternoon to get there.

A few years ago, partway into our journey, I suggested the Russian River since we were almost in Santa Rosa. That became our spot for a few years until the Upper Sacramento blew the Russian away a few weeks ago.

Our late summer locales have been around the Kennedy Meadows area, fishing pull outs and camping to the west. The fishing has been steady and we have no real reason to switch it up. H

owever, there is so much water I have yet to drift, part of me thinks I should be scolded if I end up there again without hitting anywhere else. So where to go?

The modern equivalent of throwing a dart at a map would be picking a river from a fly shop website. Of the eight northern California rivers with reports on The Fly Shop website, I’ve only fished three, and while checklists in no way equate to a full life, it might be a worthy aide.

Bob from Sierra Anglers in Modesto has a tight grip on rivers east of here for those that don’t care for a four hour drive north on Interstate 5.

Most fly shop’s can provide you with at least a few campsite recommendations to cut costs and keep you on task. The more elaborate the facilities, the greater the chance of distractions that keep you off the water.

So sure up those plans, but don’t be afraid to plan something new.

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