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Barkley: Repeal 2nd Amendment

Congressional hopeful has no qualms with guns for protection

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Barkley: Repeal 2nd Amendment

Mike Barkley poses with cutouts of Vice President Joe Biden and President Barrack Obama at the 2011 California Democratic Convention.

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POSTED June 12, 2011 1:55 a.m.

Mike Barkley is a former member of the National Rifle Association.

He has carried a 45 Smith & Wesson as protection against wild boars and mountain lions on his family’s Northern California ranch.

And he knows what crime is like having owned and managed an apartment complex where he lived for nearly two decades in East Oakland.

Now the Manteca resident is seeking the Democratic nomination for Congress with his primary campaign platform being the repeal of the Second Amendment and any pre-existing doctrine of natural law, common-law or laws under state constitutions that allow the right to keep and bear arm.

Barkley, though, has no qualms with individuals exercising the privilege to possess weapons to protect themsleves. To address that he’s proposing a constitutional amendment that would impose an annual tax on every firearm in a household. Taxes would start at $10 for the first firearm, $20 for the second firearm, $30 for the third firearm, $100 each for the fourth through ninth firearms and $1,000 each for any firearm in excess of nine.

And under his proposed amendment should a firearm be lost or stolen it would result in a $1,000 penalty with the penalty rescinded or refunded if the firearm is recovered. But there’s a big caveat to that: If the firearm is used in the commission of a felony then an additional $1,000 penalty will be imposed.

Already his proposals are drawing fire from critics on his blog at

Barkley, 60, was prompted to run for Congress after the Jan. 8 mass shooting in Congress that left six dead and 13 injured including Representative Gabrielle Giffords. The accused gunman - Lee Loughner - used a Glock pistol that he had bought six weeks earlier and had attempted to buy additional bullets for his weapon at a Walmart that morning but the staff refused to sell any to him.

“Gun control laws aren’t working,” Barkley said, adding he doesn’t expect the move to change the constitution to be an overnight venture.

He noted the woman’s suffrage movement took 72 years to amend the constitution and that it took 85 years after slavery to fully implement civil rights laws.

Barkley believes an annual tax would reduce the proliferation of weapons and reduce the ease that many people acquire them from various venues including gun shows.

He pointed to Canada as a free country that has stricter gun laws and less violence where people can still possess guns for self defense and sport as an example that repealing the Second Amendment won’t take away the ability to own guns.

Barkley credits President George Bush’s Tax Reform Act of 1986 for making it possible to sell his East Oakland apartment complex at a profit and re-invest in a complex in Manteca that he still lives at and owns to this day.

As far as his safety in Oakland, he had secure fences around the complex and was always vigilante but didn’t need guns to keep the criminal element away.

He didn’t realize how stressful that was until one day he was returning home from a week-long trip and felt his chest tightening as he neared East Oakland.

Barkley quickly made his mark in Manteca as the retired Pacific Bell engineer - who is also an inactive lawyer and certified public accountant - launched a one-man campaign against graffiti.

He would spend evenings after returning from work in the Bay Area driving around Manteca in his VW pick-up painting over graffiti before the city eventually assembled its own crews to do so.

Barkley noted allowing graffiti to spread triggers blight which in turn deteriorates the quality of life in neighborhoods, planting the seed for the spread of violence and dropping property values.

Barkley describes himself as a liberal Democrat, moderate environmentalist, and a conservative law and order advocate. He is a member of the American Legion and a non-combat Vietnam era veteran having served in the U.S. Navy. Barkley is part of Progressive Democrats of America, the Environmental Caucus of the California Democratic Party, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, National Audubon Society, The Nature Conservatory, and the National Resources Defense Council.

Among Barkley’s other positions:

•recognizing the right of women to terminate pregnancies at will and receive funding for it as for any other medical procedure.

•add substantial compensation for women who allow their babies to be put up for adoption rather than terminated by abortion.

•remove barriers to stem cell research

•ban term limits other than those set by the U.S. Constitution.

•increase funding for AIDS research.

•recognize in all jurisdictions the validity of same sex marriage.

•advocate the approval of the Equal Rights Amendment.

•strengthen National Public Radio, Public Broadcast System and arts funding.

•begin sweeping the Pacific for floating plastic.

•begin sweeping the oceans of Somali pirates.

•impose a one cent tax on cigarette butts.

•encourage presidential candidates and Supreme Court nominees to reveal their IQ, LSAT, and SAT scores.

•attend to the long-term water and flood control needs of San Joaquin County ahead of any export users.

•restore Hetch Hetcy.

•restore salmon runs on all streams where they once were.

•phase in means testing for Social Security.

•require minimum 50 percent royalty on all federal gas and oil leases retroactively.

•prove that ethanol produces a net gain in useable energy or phase out ethanol subsidies.

•provide for compensation without eligibility penalty of college athletes who produce college revenue.

•stop deporting foreign-born engineers after they graduate.

•abolish right to work laws and adopt right to strike laws.

•require seat belts on intercity buses and trains.

•subsidize Greyhound or Amtrak service to small towns.

•provide that the sole criteria for voter registration and regulation of persons registering to vote in the U.S. shall be by regulations set by the Federal Elections Commission.

•phase in protections for mid-America against another New Madrid earthquake.

For more information on Mike Barkley’s positions go to

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