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Trying out different casts this time of year could produce surprising results


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Trying out different casts this time of year could produce surprising results

Paul Tilton of Stockton recently caught this bass that weighed in at 11.7 pounds at the Delta.


POSTED March 27, 2009 4:52 a.m.
Springtime fishing is a favorite time of year for anglers.

This is the one time of the year when I truly love just being outside. I primarily fish for bass; it’s this time of year when any bite could be the fish of a lifetime.

There are really no bad casts this time of year, as the fish could be anywhere. Professional bass angler Robert Lee once said, “Most anglers fish right over the top of the fish while focusing only on shoreline structure.”

While watching freshwater Hall of Fame angler Dee Thomas fish one day, I watched him as he made one cast towards the bank and then one cast right in front of the boat.

When I asked about his technique I was told of his belief that there were fish staging right off the bank that most anglers miss.

Since then, I make it a habit of mine to make a cast that I normally wouldn’t and have been surprised with the results.

I’ve actually been able to increase my catch percentage and have been surprised at where those fish were located.

Next time you’re out give it a try — you my just catch a fish of a lifetime.
Delta Report

Bass fishing has been good. When the wind is blowing it’s tough to beat a reaction bait.

Crawdad crank baits and spinner baits are great choices. If it’s dead calm and the sky is clear a wacky rigged Senko is a great choice as well as fishing in around hyacinth mats with jigs or heavily weighted sweet beavers.

Striper fishing has been good lately out of the West Delta.

Sherman Island for stripers has been producing well for those fishing between lights 11 and 12.  

New Melones Lake

The trout bite has been reported as being off and on lately. Right before a storm the bite has been turning off and has picked up right after a storm.

The better bites have been for those fishing the banks. A lot of trout have made their way into the coves keeping those fishing Power Bait busy.

Bass fishing has started to really pick up lately with the average fish exceeding the two-pound mark.

Bass are being found actively feeding on shad and are being caught on a variety of baits.  

Lake Don Pedro

The trout bite continues to pick up. Mexican Gulch, Big Oak, and Graveyard Bay seem to be the hot spots right now for anglers.

Those trolling within the top 25 feet with Uncle Larry’s Spinners are catching trout. King Salmon can be found from 80 to 100 feet using frozen shad injected with Pro-Cure scent near the Dam, Fleming Bay, Middle Bay and the Flume. Large swim bait fish are being caught for those working points. The swimbait of choice seems to be the Huddleston Deluxe in a trout pattern.

For those targeting smaller bass crankbaits and jigs have been producing decent limits of fish.

Lake Pardee:  

Trout are being caught for those fishing the top 10 feet while trolling flashers with lures tipped with a partial scented grub or night crawler behind dodgers or sidekicks.

Water levels are very high and visibility is down to about seven feet. Bass fishing remains great for anglers working jigs while targeting off shore structure.  

Tip of the Week

“You get what you pay for!” We’ve all heard the saying, when it comes to fishing equipment that statement stands true.

Over the years I’ve collected my fair share of fishing equipment. Most of the equipment that I no longer use are items that were knock offs of a more expensive item.

For example, I purchased a swim bait that was almost the same as the one I wanted for $40 less than the original. Well, that same swim bait sits in my garage, as I was unhappy with its performance.

I eventually went out and got the one I wanted, wasting $60.00 on a bait while trying to save money. If you can buy up and not down, in the long run you will be happy that you did.

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