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Alaska summer: Disneyland for outdoorsmen

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Jeff Lund, East Union High boys JV hoop coach.


POSTED January 7, 2012 1:58 a.m.

Name: Jeff Lund

Job: English yearbook/journalism teacher, East Union High School, JV boys basketball coach, freelance writer Manteca Bulletin,

Born: May 2, 1981, Rocky Ford, Colorado

Age: 30

High school: Klawock High School, Klawock, Alaska

High school activities: Band (trumpet) 9-12, Cross country 9-12, wrestling 11, basketball 9-12, pep club 9-12, student council president 11, Peer helpers 9-12

Teacher or teachers that made the biggest impact on you: Jack Butler (English). We called him Uncle But. He played full-back in college so class was intense but a lot of fun. You didn’t even ask to go to your locker, the bathroom or get a drink of water. He had you for 56 minutes a day, no questions asked. He really encouraged all of us to think for ourselves and see the world in person not through the TV.

What did you learn from your parents: My dad once drove to the river and honked the horn until I emerged from the forest. He told me to get on my bike and ride home. I was supposed to clean the back room before I left and didn’t so he found me. That’s probably something about work and responsibility. He also drove me to my Alaska history teacher’s house to apologize for being rude in class as a freshman. I am glad he taught me that it’s embarrassing to be an idiot.

College: University of Arizona 1999-2003. Majored in Journalism, with a Minor in Athletic Coaching

Pet peeve: John Wooden said industriousness is a key to success. He put it in his pyramid of success. I hate it when I am not industrious and when people, myself included, use laziness as an excuse.

Favorite dining haunt and menu item: Annabelle’s smoked salmon chowder in Ketchikan, Alaska. Otherwise it’s the Monterey chicken from Chili’s.

Best gift ever: Mom got me a “Friends don’t let friends eat farmed fish” bumper sticker this year. It’s really sweet and fresh on my mind, so I’ll go with that.

New Year’s resolution: Write a book

Favorite book: “Trout Bum” by John Gierach. This one really got me hooked on fishing literature. I haven’t looked back.

Favorite movie
: ‘Hoosiers’ and ‘A River Runs through It.’ Big surprise, I know.

Favorite actor and why: Bill Murray. His recent stuff has been a little bizarre, but he’s the man.

What changes have you noticed in Manteca: It grows. My hometown never did.

Favorite getaway: Other than Alaska, Sims Flat campground on the Upper Sacramento River

What do you do for exercise
: Does standing in a river waving a 10-foot fishing rod count? Run, bike

Who do you admire
: Doers, not talkers. Specifically, Don Busse, my high school basketball coach and Alaska history teacher. The guy grows corn, potatoes, squash, carrots and berries in Alaska where there is more than 110 inches of rain per year and the temperature rarely gets into the 70s; built his home himself (I helped haul the sheetrock); catches rain water, filters and heats it and uses that for showers, cooking, drinking etc; climbs mountains with two titanium hips; never stops smiling; never cusses; and only uses the Internet to Google earth hunting spots.

Favorite sport to play: Basketball

Best advice you can give someone: When I was coaching at a basketball camp in Maryland one of the coaches there that had 500 wins as a JV coach said to the campers, “If you hang with idiots, you will become an idiot.”

He turned and looked at us coaches and said, “That goes for you, too.”

Coaching experience: JV boys basketball coach at EU for the past six years – I started as a JV assistant at Salpointe Catholic High in Tucson, AZ (2002-03), EU freshmen assistant for one year, and EU JV assistant for two years. I also worked three summers at the Coach Wootten’s basketball camp in Frostburg, MD, and two summers a the NBC Basketball camps in Redding.

Long-term coaching goals: I would like to help kids understand and appreciate the fundamentals of the game, and that basketball is not the only thing you should keep your act together for.

Journalism experience: Sports writer – I was the men’s basketball beat writer for the college newspaper, the Arizona Daily Wildcat, from 2001-02, and sports editor in 2003. I’ve been the (outdoor) columnist for the Bulletin since 2008 and a guest blogger for (hunting and fishing talk radio, 710 AM ESPN-Seattle). I do a bi-monthly column for and had articles published in the Lutheran Journal, Fish Alaska Magazine, and Juneau Empire daily newspaper in Juneau, Alaska.

Describe the weather in Alaska
: Alaska summers are Disneyland for the outdoorsman except there are no lines, no cotton candy, and the animals will eat you if you try to hug them. You watch Alaska winters from the inside, unless the snow is good for sledding or if you have to check the trap lines.

— Vince Rembulat

staff reporter

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