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Visit unique Coconut Hut during this weekend’s Asparagus Festival

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Visit unique Coconut Hut during this weekend’s Asparagus Festival

Lena Webber stands inside her Coconut Hut booth.

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POSTED April 25, 2009 2:27 a.m.
Five years ago Lena Webber was sampling a number of fragrances at the well-known Bath and Body Works.  Though the fragrances were pleasant enough, Webber was tired of the same old scents made with ingredients she could barely pronounce.

Webber began wondering if she could create something better, a perfume or lotion with a lovely scent, using only natural ingredients.  She began doing an extensive research on which organic ingredients are best for the skin along with different soft fragrances and how to mix them properly in order to make her own unique custom blended product.  

In all her research she discovered that the benefit of coconut oil, when absorbed directly into the skin, far outweighs other types of natural ingredients as it has the highest medical advantage for both skin and hair. Coconut oil not only brings temporary relief to the skin, but aids in healing and repairing the skin by preventing destructive free-radical formation.  The oil is also an excellent treatment for psoriasis and eczema, keeps skin from developing liver spots and blemishes, helps maintain strong and supple connective tissues so that the skin doesn’t sag or wrinkle and in some cases can even restore damaged or diseased skin.  

Learning of so many benefits, Webber focused her attention on creating scrubs and creams from coconut oil, blending it with various fragrances.  She then took her creation and shared it with her friends and co-workers for their response. “They went bananas over it” confessed Webber.

Seeing an overwhelming interest in her product, Webber had her brother, a web site designer, create a web site for her to make the product available to others and before long, The Coconut Hut was born.

“At first it was only a side business” Webber admits, as she worked full time at a mortgage company and ran The Coconut Hut as more of a hobby than anything.  But it didn’t take long for Webber to realize just how much she truly enjoyed creating new beauty products and fragrances. Soon her side hobby became a full time passion.  “I left my corporate job in 2007 and never looked back” she said.

For the past two years, I personally have stopped by The Coconut Hut booth to sample many of Webber’s fragrances at the Manteca Street Fair.  The first year, I had every intention of coming back to purchase one the divinely smelling scrubs after perusing the rest of the street fair but admittedly I was distracted and never made it back.  This year however, I made a point to stop at The Coconut Hut first thing and I’m so glad I did.  After sampling many delightful scents like Pink Frost Mimosa, Diamond Coconut and Hawaiian Sunflowers, I finally settled on a Whipped Body Souffle called Rain Orchid.

I began using the Body Souffle right away and immediately could tell the difference in my skin.  Not only does this uniquely blended natural product make me smell great but the soft feel it gives my skin is addicting.  Whenever I walk passed the 4 ounce container on my bathroom counter, I just have to stop and put some more on. I now understand Webber’s passion for coconut oil.

While presently The Coconut Hut only comes to the Manteca area during the annual street fairs, Webber can be found promoting her fantastic products all over the Bay Area at Polynesian festivals, art and wine gala’s and a number of other events on most weekends.  Today and Sunday she will at the Stockton Asparagus Festival and then again on May 9-10, The Coconut Hut booth will be found at the May Day Hula Festival at the Pleasanton fairgrounds.  

While some may find traveling from one event to another tedious, Webber says, “I love visiting different cities and meeting all the people that live there.  Each community has their own style, flare, and personality.”  I would have to say Webber and The Coconut hut has a superb style, flare and personality of its own as well.

Even if you are unable to visit Webber at one of the many upcoming events, you can still visit The Coconut Hut at and choose from a variety of products such as body butters, creams, lotions, mists, scrubs, foot/eye/face creams along with a few unique Aloha Treasures such as necklaces and bracelets.
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