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Blocks slam into rear wall of home

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Manteca High School boys returning from an ROP Criminal Justice class at the high school farm escaped major injuries as their white Mercedes-Benz car veered to the left and sheared off a power pole...

GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

POSTED February 29, 2012 1:24 a.m.

Matsen Nestor is a hero to a couple of East Union High School seniors.

Nestor, a truck driver, was off work for the day and walking into his back yard when he heard an explosion at about 11:30.   He thought at first it was a bomb until he saw a 15-foot hole in his block wall that backs up onto the 1400 block Louise Avenue and a crumpled late model Chevy Impala.

Concrete blocks and steel rebar from the wall had blasted the back side of his home and broke out a window with bricks covering his back lawn.

Two screaming girls appeared to be trapped in the front seat and Nestor said he feared the car would catch fire.  He said he pulled both of them through the broken out driver’s side window and laid them down on the grass of the back yard of his Snyder Street home.  The smoke was later determined to have been the dust from the exploding air bags in the vehicle.

A second eastbound car – a late model Mercedes-Benz  – had reportedly collided with the rear of the girls’ vehicle before it veered to the left and struck a power pole that sheared off near the ground.  A section of that pole fell on the top of their car that ended up into another sound wall on the north side of the roadway.

The female driver of the Impala was treated by medics at curbside before being loaded into a waiting ambulance.  Her passenger complained of pain to her right leg and was examined by medics at the scene.

One of the boys was also treated at the scene before he, too, was transported to an area hospital.  He was complaining of feeling faint before medics loaded him into the ambulance.

All of the students had been attending their ROP Criminal Justice classes at the school farm saying they were headed back to their respective campuses.  The girls would have turned left onto Union Road with the boys heading into downtown Manteca.

One of the boys explained at the scene that they had been following the girls and hit the rear of their car with both vehicles losing control and crashing – the girls spinning out into the sound wall.

The roadway was closed for several hours until PG&E crews could replace the pole that was hanging from the high wires above the totaled Mercedes-Benz  and officers were examining the scene to measure the length of skid marks.

The stretch of roadway has been the scene of other accidents where vehicles had gone through the sound wall over the years. Included was a gasoline truck whose tractor cab ended up dangling over a swimming pool.

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