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Mantecan saves puppies from icy Afghanistan river

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Mantecan saves puppies from icy Afghanistan river

Two young puppies were rescued from an icy creek in Afghanistan by a Manteca MP Sam Gallego, Jr. who was on patrol in the area on one of his first missions.

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POSTED March 6, 2012 12:59 a.m.

Manteca military policeman Sammy Gallego went out of his way for two puppies in Afghanistan on one of his early missions out of Kabul – demonstrating a heart-felt love for animals similar to that of his dad, recently retired Manteca Police detective Sam Gallego.

The senior Gallego offered a picture of his son this week, holding the two, crying and drenched pups that the MP had rescued from an icy pond some two years ago.

Contacted at his new duty station in Korea, Gallego recalled the rescue saying it was a very cold day having just snowed with barely any sun.  He said he and his fellow soldiers had just arrived at their destination and parked their vehicles looking for anything suspicious that would put them at risk.

“We heard a distant screaming and yelping.  For a while we kept ignoring it,  because we figured it wasn’t anything to be worried about,” he said.

Two small baddy puppies were in a creek screaming over and over again, he recalled.  Being a dog lover he went into the water and pulled one out and his buddy retrieved the second puppy. 

“He handed me the one he pulled out and I walked over towards our trucks.  I have never felt something so small shake so much.  I immediately started drying them off and moving the two puppies around for a while, making sure they didn’t have hypothermia.  As I was drying them off they made the funniest noises that I cannot explain,” Gallego wrote.

He added that when he got them dry he started looking for the mother.  He didn’t have to go far until he saw two white wolf-looking dogs come around the corner of a building about 100 yards away.

One of the dogs was the mother – he was sure – because she looked like a feeding mother.  They were definitely wild dogs so Gallego didn’t go near them until he saw them enter and soon leave a large brush pile apparently going back out hunting for food.

“I walked over to where they had been and found a nest with about five puppies inside.  I knew it was home for the two puppies we saved, because the others looked exactly the same.  They were frightened to see me and just stared.  I went back over to my truck and grabbed the two puppies I had dried off and put them in the nest – they fit right in.  I did as much as I could right there and let them be – going back over to my truck and continued my mission,” he said.

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