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Barnwood Arms opens 7-lane range

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Barnwood Arms opens 7-lane range

Five shooters were among the gun enthusiasts who practiced this week at the Barnwood Arms gun shop to keep of their proficiency at firing their weapons.

GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

POSTED April 28, 2012 1:35 a.m.

A brand new shooting range has opened in Ripon at the Barnwood Arms gun shop centered in Ripon’s old downtown.

Shop owner Joe Mangelos touts the location of his shop and range as being accessible to just about anyone in the valley since it is just off of Highway 99 – less than a minute from the offramps.

Mangelos closed down his old range that was opened in 1992 and was on the east side of the gun shop. The new facility is located on the west of the main store that had been the site of Art’s Floor Covering until the owner retired last year.

The former range is being cleared for a sales area that will provide safes of all sizes to Barnwood customers throughout the valley.

There are more than 60 gun enthusiasts a day that use the Ripon range to keep up their proficiencies, Mangelos said. Most of the weapons of choice are hand guns but handgun caliber rifles are also allowed on the indoor range.

Security officers and law enforcement cadets as well as citizens qualifying for the concealed weapons (CCW) permits are in constant use of the Ripon facility.

The store owner claims the ventilation is some 40 percent better in the new range than the older set of five stations. Filters are changed daily, staffers noted.

Shooting range coordinator Selise Perez said that women shooting for the first time and using rental guns seem to feel more comfortable when she offers to go into one of the stations with them. She added that she offers them the basics on using the gun of their choice. There are men she assists as well and manages not to make them feel too uncomfortable, she chuckled.

The range coordinator said she and other staffers keep a watchful eye on the customers as they are using the range to make sure they are following safety protocol at their stations and when reloading clips. When renting a gun a customer must take another person into the range with them. They are not allowed to go into a station alone.

Saturdays are the busiest times and the slowest are on the weekdays from about 3:00 until 6 p.m. – the best to find an open station in the indoor range.

Gun rentals are $5 each plus the targets and ammunition. Ear covering and eye protection are an inexpensive addition to the price. The shop rents Glock 9mm to .40 mm and the .45 mm 1911 Sig Sauer in addition to the Smith & Wesson .38 special and .357 magnum.

Two M-1, .30 caliber carbine rifles are also available to rent since they also use handgun caliber rounds.

When customers are interested in buying a certain gun, the policy is to let them fire it first to see if it is actually one that performs to their expectations, Mangelos said.

Selise does more than serve as range coordinator and a special public relations representative to the shop by also putting on rubber gloves and cleaning the weapons after they have been fired. Starting off as only part-time, she now works four days a week and attends Modesto Junior College majoring in the Administration of Justice.

She said she hopes to get into a detective division in some law enforcement agency where she can pursue her interest in forensics.

Selise noted that the shop does not offer shooting classes to their clientele, but they do have several instructors who are ready to be of service and are just a phone call away.

In addition to a full complement of firearms for sale, the shop also sells Dillon bullet presses with the gun powder, brass and bullets to turn out the finished rounds for private use from hunting to security. The presses range from $250 up to $1,600.


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