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They’re thanking their moms for all they do

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POSTED May 12, 2012 1:36 a.m.

Meghan Dolye can always turn to her mother for balance.

The 1999 East Union High grad – who spent the last several years teaching elementary school at Stockton Unified before starting on a cosmetology trek that she hopes will culminate with her own business – always knew that no matter how wild or out-of-whack things got in her day-to-day, she could always turn to her mother Alice for the matronly advice that was required.

And on Sunday she’s looking forward to paying back the woman that helped keep her centered.

“My New Yorker, Irish Catholic mother kept my wild, irresponsible heart with a good dose of stability,” Doyle said. “She always made sure that I was doing the things that I needed to like balancing my checkbook – even if it was the old-school pen-and-paper way – pre-applying for college and then consolidating my student loans afterwards and going to confession.

“She always made sure that I was making and keeping good, honest friends and doing activities that I loved – even if they were things that she didn’t approve of at the time. She made sure to bite her tongue and appear supportive when I’d call with my latest crazy idea, clubs I was joining or the creative endeavor I was about to embark on.  I am probably not as safe and responsible as she would have liked, but my creative free heart and wild style are only successful aspects in my adult life because I have the foundation of responsibility and priorities that my mother so faithfully instilled in me.”

Flowers, Doyle said, are a must when she comes to visiting her mother. She’ll definitely pick up a card that can summarize in a paragraph what would likely take her a page to encapsulate.

But the bulk of her Mother’s Day present has already been given.

With her reputation as a stylist in Stockton starting to take off, Doyle set her mother up with an updated style after chopping off the perm that had been her staple for so many years.

The compliments have already started to flow in. Getting to share her newfound skills with the woman that has always been there for her created an experience that Doyle said she was glad to be a part of.

And it’ll only be a matter of time before they’re on a flight back to New York again to visit relatives and get in touch with the familial roots.

“My fondest memory is visiting the East Coast every couple of years with my mother – something that started as a young child and continued through my adolescence,” she said. “From the plane ride, to navigating the subways, and hailing a taxi, all over the Big Apple I would soak up her knowledge of that amazing city New York. I love to imagine what she was like as a young adult and I suppose she has given me that New York attitude that gets me along so well; strong, independent, and passionate.”

Mark Greyley, however, is going to take a laid-back approach to the weekend with his mother. After his father passed several years ago, Greyley has gotten very close with his mother and makes it a point to eat dinner over at her house at least twice-a-week.

Saying thanks to Mom, he said, had always been a family event. With his siblings scattered about the country, he’s shouldering the in-person burden himself this time around.

Not that he minds.

“I’m sure we’ll do the brunch thing and maybe go see a movie. She’s pretty low-maintenance, but she still lights up whenever she gets roses,” Greyley said. “I owe everything to her. She used to take us kids all over the place when dad was working. She sacrificed a career to make sure that we had that home presence, and while I might not have appreciated it at the time I certainly do now.

“I just like to remember her with a smile on her face. And she’s definitely earned a weekend to do whatever it is that she wants to do. I’m just glad that I’m able to do something for her today.”

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