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Stranger hopes her Marine son is killed in Iraq war

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POSTED June 20, 2009 1:13 a.m.

Editor Manteca Bulletin,
Freedom of speech has gone too far this week.  I was driving down Louise Avenue with my children in my car.  My daughter noticed a man in a white pickup that was looking in our car and laughing.  As he pulled up even with me, I looked over and he yelled towards my car; “Is your son a Marine?”  I responded, “Yes”, being a proud mom.  

His next comment stunned me beyond all belief.  I couldn’t imagine what would possess a man to say:  “I hope your son dies in Iraq” to a mother or anyone for that matter.  He then sped up and went in a different direction.  My son was in the front seat; he served in Iraq for 14 months and only came home by the grace of God.  I know that we have the freedom of speech, but when our speech is hateful, you have gone too far.  I don’t know who this man was, and I pray I never see him again.  You have to be a very sad and lost individual to wish anyone dead; especially our military who put their lives on the line everyday so evil people like this man can speak his mind.  I would like to make it known that I don’t think ill of this man, I pray that one day God will change his heart and he will understand how much that comment has hurt my son who is a proud Marine.

God Bless America.

Penny Winston
June 19, 2009


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