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Raw eggs used to damage senior couple’s sports car

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Raw eggs used  to damage senior  couple’s sports car

Some of the damage down to the interior of the Hales’ sports car.

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POSTED July 7, 2012 1:50 a.m.

Raw eggs smeared on the interior of a senior citizen couple’s sports car parked in front of their home followed a vandalism and burglary of a fifth wheel truck in their South Powers Avenue back yard has left the victims in shock about the community they have called home for over 20 years.

The car became a smelly mess and the truck loss was set at some $500.

Deb Hale said she and her husband had decided to put their sports car up for sale since they have been having physical mobility problems and finding it hard to get in and out of the small vehicle. 

“The car was fun for us when I was a few years younger, but now my health is deteriorated and we need something much more functional,” she said.

Normally parking the car in the garage, they decided to put it out in front of their home so it would be more visible in trying to find a buyer.  It was mid-day Monday when she was leaving her home to run some errands.   When she went to get into the car she immediately saw they had been vandalized for a second time during the day.

“Someone had crammed eggs into the inside.  Not only did they put eggs in the car, they smashed several of them into the stereo system, drive shaft, CD player and into the door handles.  Raw eggs were all over the interior of the car,” she said.

The Manteca woman chided that “nothing is safe anymore,” questioning what kind of people are coming into the city doing these crimes and what kind of people already live here.  She further lamented asking how could there be people who don’t have respect for others.

“They had to have planned it.  It is not like anyone carries eggs around in their pockets,” she quipped.  “It wasn’t like this 20 years ago when we moved here from the Bay Area.”

The victim of the egg smearing said that she and her husband do have insurance on the vehicle, but noted they are on a fixed income and money is tight, on top of the fact that their car is worth much less today than it was last week. 

“My dream of having a new car is going to be put on the back burner until I can save the money for the insurance deductible and get the (sports) car fixed up to sell.  It is very sad and frustrating that this happened to us – why, why, why?” she asked.

She said her only option was to file a police report on line, noting that no officer was assigned to come by her house.

“I don’t think we have enough police presence in our neighborhoods,” she continued.  “I think more of our neighbors should want to get involved if they see something amiss.”

Directing her comments to the community, she said: “If you know of or have seen the persons that did this in our neighborhood on South Powers, please call the police and report the crime.  We all need to get involved and look out for each other.  Someone should take the responsibility for the damage they caused.”

She said that while the neighbors do watch out for each other, too many of them have their blinds and drapes closed because of the heat.

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