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Get ready for The sequel: ‘Kindergartner Governor’

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POSTED July 24, 2009 2:01 a.m.
The 1906 Earthquake couldn’t do it.

The Great Depression didn’t break it.

Nor could repeated droughts or any obstacle Mother Nature could toss-up.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – who is sounding more and more like a worn out punch line with every passing day – and the rest of the so-called Big Five have managed to cobble together a farce of a budget plan that has all the right ingredients to turn California into a Third World economy complete with  criminals running around with relative immunity.

Let’s start with the accelerated tax payments. Starting Oct.1 you and I are going to have more money withheld from our paychecks. That also applies to companies – including many that are struggling to keep the doors open and workers employed – in regards to their estimated tax payments.

This is not money for the current tax year which ends Dec. 31. Instead, they are advance payments for taxes that would be assessed for the 2010-11 fiscal year.

Think about it. We’re not talking about “kicking the can into the future” as Arnold likes to say. Instead, they’re cannibalizing the can from the future.

Folks up in Sacramento act like the economy is going to turn the corner and accelerate with double digit growth in two months from now.  The bizarre part is that assumption is probably the closest thing to being non-fantasy in the entire budget deal.

Now that they are making taxes more certain than death – since they are taking taxes from us a year ahead of time even though you may die in the coming months – they act like logic is a four letter word.

Remember how everyone said they didn’t want to send small businesses over the edge and triggering the loss of more jobs? How in the heck are struggling businesses going to deal with reduced consumer spending, current taxes and obligations and also cough up taxes for a future year at the same time?

Schwarzenegger has obviously read one too many science fiction movie scripts. That type of contoured logic may work in a movie but in reality it will start collapsing businesses left and right.

The Big Five said they don’t want to hurt local services. Thank goodness they actually didn’t want to hurt local services. Can you imagine the damage they could have done?

As it stands now they’re just stealing local property taxes that will in turn reduce law enforcement services, releasing 27,000 inmates earlier, decriminalizing crimes, and charging local jurisdictions they are cutting off at the knees financially for processing evidence needed to convict criminals they manage to arrest that the state won’t put away to protect society anyway. Any questions?

Making things even more bizarre are the old slights of hand. You’ve heard the lies before. The say they’re cutting government spending when they are only cutting the rate of the annual increase in government spending. That’s what they call true lies.

If they had any sense of honor up in Sacramento they’d be 120 people falling on their swords as they did in imperial Japan.

The worst part about all of this is the fact this summer’s blockbuster dud – “Budget Bozos” - will have a sequel that is even more bizarre and an even bigger waste of money. The working title? Try “Kindergarten Governor.”

It’s a story about an action hero type of guy who tries to save California but first has to deal with a classroom full of 120 kindergartners. Rate it “PG” for practically gone as in California is practically gone as a viable economy thanks to a group of 120 fourth-rate actors trying to act like leaders while being directed by a director with a will of mush.
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