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The rich – and powerful – are different than you and I

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POSTED July 31, 2009 1:39 a.m.
I get it now.

AIG executives get mega bonuses using taxpayer bailout funds after helping nearly sending the American economy into the elephant graveyard but the second it looks like Ma and Pa Kettle are taking advantage of the “Cash for Clunkers” the bureaucrats almost have a major stroke applying the brakes.

At the same time the national media is all aflutter about the “injustice” of a black professional in Cambridge arrested in his own home for arguing with police yet there is barely a beep on the radar about skinheads celebrating charges being dropped against two white men in the death a 24-year-old rural Texas black man by running him over and dragging him under their pickup truck.

Yes, there are two Americas – the privileged few who walk in the corridors of corporate and government power – and the rest of us.

The “Clunkers for Cash” has only paid out $96 million of the budgeted $1 billion or the equivalent of 22,782 vehicles. The powers that be in D.C. are worried that the program might be too successful, though, as there is a good chance auto dealers have already exceeded the 250,000 vehicle mark that the program funds.  They are so nervous about it they have suspended the program

One might ask why the worries? Well, bureaucrats are worried that there is a huge backlog of deals in the system that they haven’t acted upon. Where were these people when AIG et al were burning through $70 billion of our money in a few days and then rewarding their executives with fat bonuses paid by you and me?

The answer is obvious. The powerful get special treatment in the America of today.

There’s no problem tossing out truckloads of taxpayer cash to the waiting hands of bigwigs with no strings attached or accountability but the second the Average Joe might get his hands on $3,500 while forking out $15,000 plus to buy a vehicle watch out.

What makes this all even more nonsensical is Congress wanted to shore up the auto sector. Say what you want about the “Cash for Clunkers”, but it is working better than anything else the Obama Administration has rolled out to date. Better yet, it is a partial giveaway – unlike the program for the AIGS of the world. In order to get the $3,500 or $4,500 the buyer has to come up with their own money plus agree to give up a pollution generator.

Name the number of times in the past year the privileged who’ve received federal bailout funds have either had to put up any money or give up polluting assets.

What makes all this the more bizarre is Congress wanted to save the auto industry. So what do they do? They try to keep the wraps on the “suspension” that goes into effect at midnight on a Thursday the day before every auto dealer from Maine to Alaska  places advertisements for all of the cars the factories are now sending them to get America rolling again.

Then again, why would anyone in Washington know how the real America works?

As for the “dialogue on race,” what we should be talking about is how a 24-year-old black man can be viscously killed and the freed suspects cheered by white supremacists in a Texas town and why are we going bonkers over an incident that pales in comparison.

Argue all you want, but the real injustice here is the fact those without power can’t get justice in America. No one is having a beer with the dead man’s family. No talking head is debating the implications of the reactions of the white supremacists or the rest of us to the incident.

Yes, it seems there was a bit too much of a reaction on the part of the police and even the professor.

Should the police have arrested the professor? No. Does the incident deserve discussion? Yes.

The only real lesson from what is happening now is the only people that the national media and government give a dang about are the powerful and the rich whether they are individuals or corporations.
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