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I hope Obama gets a chance to dry out

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POSTED November 11, 2012 10:05 p.m.

What do Barrack Obama and Jimmy Carter have in common? Both of their political destinies were greatly influenced by weather.

In an attempt to rescue the American hostages from Iran in 1980, sandstorms played a role in the failing of that attempt and the deaths of six Americans on that ill-fated mission. Had that rescue been successful, Carter would have been re-elected and we would have a much different country than we have today.

As a side note, I was stationed in Turkey during that time and I followed the rescue attempt over the teletype in our classified crypto room. I can still remember the empty feeling I had walking out of the com center after the fiery crashes that killed the Americans.

Fast forward a few decades and Obama is elected president. I think that had Mickey Mouse been on the Democratic ticket in 2008 he would have been elected because after eight years of the most inept, bumbling administration in at least my lifetime, there was no way any Republican would have been voted in.

These last four years have been anything but smooth for Obama. Between the mess he inherited and the stated mission of the GOP to see him as a one-and-done president, it would have been hard for anyone to succeed. Instead of being thrown a lifeline to try to pull this country out of the doldrums, he has been thrown one anchor after another, while also supplying a few of his own.

Enter Mitt Romney, one of the richest men in America and a master at the corporate takeover. The biggest prize of all – the United States treasury – was there for the taking and all he had to do was defeat one of the weaker presidents in modern time.

It took Romney a while to gain any traction, and the President’s abysmal performance in the debate did not even do the trick. But the Benghazi debacle and its fallout was something Romney could grab a hold of and Obama could not defend. It appeared as if the future of Social Security and Medicare was about to be sold off to the highest bidder when along came Sandy.

One of the most vicious storms to ever hit the New York/New Jersey area did what all the Democratic spin masters could not – it got Benghazi out of the news cycle. It also stopped the Romney momentum dead in its tracks, and after taking so long to get going in the first place, there was no way it was going to get going before the election.  (Chris Christie’s ringing endorsement of Obama’s swift response had to just infuriate the GOP bosses!)

The Tea Party may have won the battle of the mid-term elections, but what was purported to be bold and innovative is being exposed for what it is – hateful and narrow- minded. The Tea Party candidates have lost at least five or six senate seats for the Republicans that more moderate candidates probably would have won in the last two elections and the Democrats gained seats in both houses this time around.  I guess outside of a courtroom a man should never question the legitimacy of what is or is not rape.

While I think religion is a private matter, there are those in the political world who wear their religion on their sleeves and show contempt and disdain for others who do not share their views. I think enough have died in the name of religion over the centuries, but I do not think that horrifying hypocritical trend will change anytime soon. Having said that, I have a question: If Jesus Christ himself was to walk the streets of America today, what political persuasion would he align Himself with?

After all, wasn’t His professed mission to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, cure the sick and help the needy? Does that sound like the platform of those politicos or the wing-nut fringe groups who will be the first to invoke His name? 

In closing, weather sunk one Democratic president and then 32 years later threw another a lifeline. So now will John Boehner and company pull him into the boat or let him flounder for another four years? For the sake of the country, I hope Obama gets a chance to dry out.

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