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Cut 3,000 calories to lose a pound: It’s as simple as that

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POSTED December 19, 2012 5:20 p.m.

Ok I think I really get it!  After 14 years of owning Doc’s Diet and struggling myself with the idea of needing to lose weight…. I have learned something really important!

 Many of us have this gigantic mental ‘brain block’ when it comes to losing weight!

I’d like to dismantle this mental block… bit by bit, piece by piece. I want all of us to have a renewed sense of knowledge, power and control over one very simple thing in our lives… gaining or losing weight. Ready?

What is a pound of fat? How do you get one? What has to happen in order for any of us to gain just one pound of fat? 

Here are some frequent answers I get from this question I often pose to my patients…’A pound of fat is because of eating fat, a pound of fat happens because of fast food,  or because of soda or sugar,  or because I eat other ‘bad’ foods’…. NOPE…. Wrong …. What? Is this doctor being crazy?

The only way any of us can put a pound of fat onto our bodies is to bring into our bodies about 3000 extra calories… of any kind! Not just calories from fat, fast food or bad food. It can be extra calories from carrots or carrot cake, beef or chicken, milk or soda… our body doesn’t care where the extra 3000 calories come from. A pound of fat is a little storage tank of about 3000 extra calories of any kind. Got it? Ok next thought….

Just 100 extra calories per day for a month becomes a pound of fat in us! Let’s say that again… all you have to do to gain one pound of fat in one month is to overeat (or drink) just 100 extra calories per day!

 If you have been a ‘calorie looker’ in the past you know that 100 calories is about how much one tablespoon of ‘Ranch’ dressing is! ….100 calories is also just an apple, or a piece of bread, or a tablespoon of olive oil, or ¾ of a cup of 2%milk. Budgeting calories is within your power and ability!

Your first homework assignment this week is to just simply start looking at the calorie value of the foods in your refrigerator and cupboards. Calorie counting is too hard for you? No way! Think about calories and food the way most of us think about money and clothes. Most women know the dollar value of every item in their closets. Get it? Just use the same part of your brain for calories and food…. Just start looking- don’t even cut back yet, just look, maybe measure the serving sizes that are on the labels to see HOW MUCH is how many calories.

We have a lot more to teach you at Doc’s Diet. We care about telling you the truth and giving you every encouragement to do the right thing. Call us!

May God bless you and your family as we celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas season.

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