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Let’s have Christmas every month in 2013

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POSTED December 28, 2012 1:25 a.m.

As I reflect over the past month, tons of feelings and emotions rush to mind!  Many are heartwarming, some are sad, some made me smile, a lot of laughs, and some are exhausting to even think about again!  Now that’s a lot for one month!  I want to focus on the way we feel when Christmas rolls around.  As I check Facebook, I see endless posts letting the world know how much my “friends on Facebook” love their life, Christmas, baking, spending time with family, shopping, decorating, etc.  I only wish we could be inspired every month like we are in December!

According to the MasterCard Advisors Spending Pulse, the retail sales were the weakest since 2008, reporting that a clearer picture will emerge next week as major retailers’ report their revenue and this prediction could turn around.  In my observation, as spending was down, feelings and emotions were at an all time high.  Those feelings were evident in the successful events around Ripon such as Toys for Tots and all the local collection sites, the senior residents without families that were given gifts, the fundraiser dinner and auction for Riley that was very successful, businesses that were busy selling items, and restaurants that were filling up!

How did you feel when you went into a business to make a purchase this holiday season? Did you send cards to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile?  Did you get together for a meal or two?   How did you treat others when you greeted them on the street or in your business?  Were you thankful for them, give them an extra smile?  I know I love the Christmas season in my business as I see a lot more traffic through the door.  I spend extra time stocking my shelves with items consumers might want to purchase, I try to keep a smile on my face, and I have a different outlook.  So I would like to challenge myself and you to keep these feelings going every month in 2013, lets think about others more often, keep that smile on your face, and prepare for “Christmas” every month and see what happens!  

Ripon Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to kicking off the Almond Blossom festival 2013 in January with a dinner at Spring Creek on the 10th, as we will be honoring Bethany Home as our Grand Marshal!  Don’t miss out on any of the activities by checking our website for a list of upcoming events!

Get connected, get active, get going and go get business!  Make it a great month…year!

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