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Ripon High students applaud new classroom cell phone use policy

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POSTED January 3, 2013 11:57 p.m.

Every student at Ripon High was familiar with the school’s cell phone policy – phones stay hidden during class or else good-bye cell phone – until this year.

A much-applauded new policy put into practice by the administration says students can have their “electronics” out during breaks.  And with the permission of the teacher they are now allowed in the classroom.

As one could imagine, when the student body heard of this new “glorious policy” they took full advantage of it.  Some may question the intelligence of this new and relaxed rule, citing that teenagers will abuse their newfound privilege.  While that may occasionally be the case, the good might just outweigh the bad.

While students may seem more distracted, in truth most students admit that they used their cell phones quite often before the new policy was enacted.  Most students readily admit they don’t have to worry about hiding their phones under the desks out of view of their teachers.

Some parents question, “How is texting relevant to school?”

While it is convenient to be able to get a hold of friends to make lunch plans, or in reaching parents to ask that something be dropped off at school, and maybe contacting  employers to check work schedules, it isn’t just about texting any longer.

With many students now owning everything from prepaid phones to smart phones, it has become more about retrieving instant information.  For example, many times during class there is some question that comes up during a discussion when no one knows the answer.  Instead of running to the library or trying to Google it on the teacher’s computer, someone will just pull out their iPhone and research the question.

What is the source of a conflict in Israel?  How tall is Mount Everest?  Those were just a couple of the questions that have come up in class that the students have answered through the quick use of a smart phone.

Communicating with personal phones in class and during breaks has allowed the student body collectively to get more accomplished by accessing information that wasn’t readily available prior to the new amended policy.  The phone has become more than just a way to socialize on campus, it is also a way to learn.  It can be said without question that the students of Ripon High are thrilled about this forward-thinking policy that has gone into effect.

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