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1988 GIRLS WENT 27-1

Won state title over Avenal 53-36

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1988 GIRLS WENT 27-1

Ripon Christian’s Don Vos gets high fives from players of the 1988 State Championship Ripon High Christian Girls Basketball Team prior to taking the court Saturday.

HIME ROMERO/The Bulletin

POSTED January 30, 2013 12:36 a.m.

The silver anniversary of Ripon Christian High’s state championships in both boys and girls basketball was celebrated Saturday night when the Knights hosted the Ripon High boys team.

The girls’ team went 27-1 and defeated Avenal 53-36 for the California championship.

Players on the state championship team were Leslie VanGronigen Heimstra, Cher DeJong Kooiman, Becky Cisne Beidleman, Donna Terpsma Schoolland, Cheryl Visser Judd, Kim Viss Driesen, Susan Dross Hilvers, Kathy VanderVeen, Carrie VanGinkel Dotinga, Kim Smits McMurraym and  Arlene Nydam.

The boys went 26-8 and ended up defeating Calipatria 67-63 for the 1988 state title.

Players on the state championship team were Steve Beukelman, Mike Beidleman, Mike VanderHoek, Mark Vos, Jack Hoekstra, Mark Hofman, Phil Witt, Mike VanderMolen, Brent Alger, Steve VanderVeen, Chad Driesen, Kevin dendulk, and John Bos.

By Coach Janet Engel

Ripon Christian High 1988

“When I think back on the state championship of 1988, there are several things about the game of basketball that are different compared with today. The smaller basketball for girls was relatively new. Boys and girls used to play with the same size basketball. Alternating possession for jump balls was recently put into place. We used to jump every “jump ball” at the circle closest to where it occurred. The 3 point shot was in its first year. We only had one as a team that year since we were still learning how to shoot them and utilize it in our offense. There was no shot clock either. Teams had to play defense for long stretches since the offense could maintain possession of the ball for an unlimited period of time. There were no white boards for coaches. We all carried chalk in our pocket and drew diagrams on the gym floor in front of our bench during time outs and erased it with our feet.

“With the background set, some memories of that year come to mind. The 1988 season was the first year CIF had the five division format. I was only 26 and in my 4th year of coaching. Our team was a close knit group of seven players, which became eight after we finished a game vs. Hughson with four players, when three fouled out. More players were pulled up for the post season. RC was known for their tough man-to-man team defense. On the average, we scored 58 points a game and only gave up 34. Our average margin of victory was 24 points. We only had one loss that year to Atwater in the Linden tournament before TVL league play. From that point we went on a 49-game win streak that included the state title and ended the following season after winning the section and losing in the Nor Cal playoffs. That streak is one of the top five in the record books for northern California. Our record that year was 27-1.

“Our team won with the fundamentals and exceptional shooting. I recall other coaches telling their girls to watch how we shot during warm ups as an example of how shooting is supposed to look. We executed our half court offense and had a stifling full-court press. We also ran the fast break with the best of them. At the risk of sounding arrogant, this team was set apart from most others in the Valley that year. We played man defense all year, but won the state title game with a 3-2 zone which we had tucked away for that special time. Avenal was the Southern California champ and had great outside shooting. “Our taller post players played the perimeter and my smaller guards played under the basket. The clock broke midway through the game and I had someone on the bench keeping track of the time with a stop watch. The score table used a flip scorer which I had to get up to see more often than I can remember. At halftime we were ahead 21-13, but pulled away in the second half to win by a final score of 53-36. We felt all the teams we beat in the Nor Cals were tougher opponents. The thrill of victory was felt by the entire city of Ripon! We won on a Saturday, and by Monday, the town threw a celebration for both boys and girls teams with a special parade and gathering at the community center. We all got to ride on fire trucks down Main Street! I will always remember the very special feeling of unity between both Ripon high schools and the community.

“One of the special things about remembering this event 25 years ago is the unique privilege I have of teaching and coaching the kids of my players from the 1988 team today. Two of those players have coached along-side me - Susan Drost Hilvers and Rebecca Cisne Beidleman – and we still get along after all those years.”

By Susan Hilvers

Ripon Christian High 1988

“I remember how hard Janet and Coach Hoag made us work, but I also remember that we had a lot of fun as well. Coach Hoag tried to toughen us up to the point of tears many times so Janet would need to step in and make it all better. Then Coach Hoag would pull out one of his magic tricks and we would all be laughing again.

“These two coaches lived and breathed basketball and it showed in how well our team was coached. Janet and Coach Hoag were so knowledgeable and innovative…they had our team doing things that no other coach in the area had tried and probably had even thought of before. I remember how passionate they were for the game and it is still very evident today, 25 years later. In my opinion, these two were one of the best coaching teams in RC history and probably one of the best in this area ever.”

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