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A successful diet effort requires trust

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POSTED January 30, 2013 3:35 p.m.

Trust — like love — is a word easily used in our everyday lives. True love and deep seated trust are rare indeed. Most of us are fortunate to have just one person we truly love or trust deeply.

To achieve that kind of love and trust in a relationship can take a long time and require deep seated soul searching and sacrifice. During the process we are rewarded in that relationship with a strong foundation, an anchor, a fortress that provides a refuge of safety and security in a world of uncertainty and selfishness. It is a good thing indeed! True love and trust is what I believe we are created to be filled with - and our spirit and soul resonate with joy as we experience the process.

OK, Doc, what does this have to do with me losing weight?

At Doc’s Diet we ‘get it’. We are here to help all comers lose weight. We know though that to be truly successful in changing physically destructive behaviors is a battle for many of us on deeply seated  levels of spirit and soul. If this isn’t true then why do we feel so bad about ourselves and take the joy out of our day if the scale doesn’t tell us what we want to hear? We understand that struggle. There are lots of doctors giving out bottles of diet pills and cutting people’s stomachs to get people to lose weight. That is a shallow and usually temporary effort.

Come see us. We understand where the battle is really fought. It can have eternal impact! We aren’t afraid to talk about it with you. We are here to truly help. You can trust us and we will honor your trust in us- it’s our privilege to serve you in this way!

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