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Natural Path Wellness Center opens doors In Ripon

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POSTED January 30, 2013 3:40 p.m.

The spacious Ripon edifice that once housed a mercantile shop, chiropractic office, a police activities league and even the landmark known as Pizza Plus has had an all-natural facelift to start 2013.

Ripon resident Jennifer Komatsu is operating the Natural Path Wellness Center at 303 W. Main St., and was slated for a mid-January opening for the business. Komatsu (owner/operator) is the face of the new franchise after a long career in medicine, marketing and holistic practice across the Central Valley.

Her newest exploit lands her at the head of her own business in downtown Ripon, where the Natural Path Wellness Center leads clientele to discover the benefits of alternative health care.

“Integrative medicine is about treating the whole body, not just the symptom,” Komatsu said during bustling renovations inside the Ripon enterprise in early January. “We want people to be healthy.

“It’s about informing people about what is available to them alternative to what they are doing now that has not been working for them.”

The 12-room wellness center will operate with a credentialed staff and the benefit of independent medical specialists. In all, Komatsu expects the available services to include a host of massages, neuro linguistic programing, ayurvedic medicine, hormone testing, acupuncture/acupressure, iridology, nutritional counseling, homeopathic/herbal remedies, vitamins/supplements and the elimination of toxins from the body.

The varied methods of therapeutic approach are quite a mouthful, but their execution is quite natural — even simpler than their pronunciations.

“Our mission is to serve each client in their quest for optimum health,” Komatsu said. “Optimum health is not just the absence of disease. It is the energy, vitality, and the life force expressed through the body, mind and spirit.”

For Komatsu, the philosophy is not just a mission statement. It’s a seasoned and successful way of life for her family. Alongside her husband Gary, she raised three children on the practice of alternative holistic health. She said her children (ages 25, 23 and 12) have blossomed under holistic care.

“They don’t miss school and they get adjusted on a regular basis with homeopathic supplements when their immune system needs to be built up,” Komatsu said. “It’s been incredible to see and amazing how their bodies have responded to it.

“They don’t take any antibiotics, they have not had any surgeries and they are really healthy kids.”

A healthy family was the first real treat for Komatsu since she delved into the holistic field in 1987. The move transitioned well with her former career in the medical field (chiropractic) and developed into a profession when she became a certified holistic health practitioner and landed her massage certificate from Holistic Life Institute in Oakdale.

She garnered a lease for the Ripon business when the Police Activities League closed down and contacted likewise medical minds for the wellness center.

One likewise thinker was devoutly focused on the power of the mind. Jon R. Washburn, a Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (PNLP) and Physician’s Assistant (PA) made contact with Komatsu and will operate his own practice inside the wellness center.

After 23 years as a medical practitioner and 15 years as a PA, Washburn has found that the same individuals he wrote prescription medication for, can maintain a higher quality of life through techniques of NLP.

“The results are absolutely unbelievable,” Washburn said. “People come in with medication and I tell them that when they are ready to go off their medication to let me know. In 10 minutes they don’t need their medication anymore.

“Through a very simple technique and the use of our language we can actually access our unconscious mind and create profound changes in our experience.”

Washburn’s services add to an already varied selection provided through the Natural Path Wellness Center.

Komatsu and Co. will also host classes and lectures on how to make affordable natural products. January is no exception.

“This month we will teach how to make elderberry, which provides a boost to the immune system and is a natural anti-inflammatory,” Komatsu said. “It’s really inexpensive to make, but it’s about 12 dollars a bottle in pill form at the store.

“You can make two gallons for that price.”

Komatsu said Ripon residents and members of the surrounding communities have responded well to her staff during conversations at recent promotional booths during Main Street Day and the Taste of Ripon. She said her unique services will be a benefit to clientele that would typically have to embark on a long road trip for similar medical practice.

“I chose Ripon because I live here and because it is a small, clean town that is very quaint and located near Turlock, Oakdale, Escalon, Tracy and Stockton,” Komatsu said. “Some people are going out of state for these services and they are really looking forward to having something locally that they can do.”

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