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Not happy with senior center management

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POSTED February 26, 2013 7:17 p.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

What used to be a well run organization at the Manteca Senior Center has fallen into complete disarray. When John Boore and Sandy Whitlock were in charge of running the program things were going quite well. Now upon the arrival of the new regime, things have and are slowly getting worse.

The new sheriff in town Brandy Clark, and deputy D. Santos, are running things with an iron fist. I asked the new sheriff and her deputy why they changed the starting time at Senior Center, and to my surprise they said it was due to the Barack Obama budget cuts. My, my since when does our President have anything to do with the Manteca Senior Center?

I have spoken with councilmen John Harris and Steve de Brum also with city manager Karen McLaughlin, all three said that the Obama administration has nothing at all to do with the operation of the Manteca Senior Center. It is plain to see that the time change was changed to fit their way of doing things, and to work at their own leisure. It is also plain to see that new leadership is needed at the Manteca Senior Center. Since the taxpayers pay their salary they should listen to some of the people that have been at the Senior Center for years. Perhaps the city manager and the city council should consider replacing the current regime of Clark and Santos with new leadership. Since our president was blamed for this fiasco budget thing, perhaps city staff and city council could hire Mr. Obama.

Fred Millner


Feb. 25, 2013

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