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Law career class learns about high-risk arrests

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Law career class learns about high-risk arrests

Mason Merilles of the Careers in Law Enforcement class was arrested in the California Highway Patrol high-risk felony exercise Friday by Jonah Treltas.


POSTED February 27, 2013 12:49 a.m.

California Highway Patrol officer James Smith displayed some of the proper techniques on making a high-risk felony arrest on Friday.

It was the second part of the exercise in Joe Waller’s Careers in Law Enforcement Regional Opportunity Program class. The previous day, students were involved in making a traffic stop.

“As we know, there’s no such thing as a routine traffic stop,” said the longtime ROP instructor of the Manteca Unified School District.

Students took their turn getting arrested and acting the part of the arresting officers.

Four officers were used in this drill, with Smith driving the squad car behind Waller’s stopped vehicle. The two occupants of the car were given firm instructions on getting out by the arresting officer.

Prior to that, Smith informed students not to do anything rash such as fleeing or resisting arrest.

“I won’t let you do anything dangerous and risk getting someone hurt,” he said.

In order to allow for all students to get involved, Smith had to dumb down the exercise.

“We only 45 minutes to get 30 kids through this,” he said.

German Tenorio, for example, was given instructions involving his prop gun while making the arrest. “(Smith) told me not to point it,” he said.

Manpreet Multani made sure that his arresting partner was properly positioned.

“This is an interesting traffic stop,” said Waller of the straight arrest drill. “We’re already dealing with felony suspects.”

This group – his third block at the MUSD complex – consisted of students from Sierra High and Lathrop High.

Waller’s middle block was made up Manteca High and East Union students.

Weston Ranch students were his first group of the day.

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