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So is Obama still not a real American?

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POSTED March 5, 2013 6:06 p.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It was with great amusement that I read the letter from Frank Aquila (“Aquila suggests Baca double check the facts” on March 4) 4 suggesting, no, claiming,  that only he is capable of using only facts he has thoroughly vetted.

Aquila claims I got it wrong when I said there was no proposal for allowing anyone who owns a gun to be searched without a warrant. Aquila responded with the fact that there was indeed a proposal by three "liberal Democrats" that would allow yearly "inspections" of all gun owners. This is true, (actually it allows for home inspections for proper gun storage) but then Aquila claims he even "referenced the point". This is another all out lie. This is what he actually said: "In Washington, it has been proposed that anyone who owns a gun could be searched by the police without a warrant" No, reference, no bill number. In fact he said "Washington", not "Washington State". Obviously, one could only assume he meant Washington, D.C., since he was talking on the national level, blaming Obama and liberal policies.

Furthermore, since he didn't bother to elaborate on the wording of the proposal, to say "anyone could be searched" would imply that anyone who owns a gun could be stopped and searched on the street.

Something else he didn't bother to mention was that this "proposal" is just that, a proposal, and has a next to zero chance of passing into law in "Washington State" or anywhere else. If I were to list all the outrageous "proposals" put forth in all states, I would need much more time than I care to spend.

Now to the hilarious part, Mr. Aquila suggests I "double check" my facts, this from the same guy who claims Obama is not a real American. How hilarious is that?

Larry Baca


March 6, 2013

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