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In defense of the senior center director

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POSTED March 14, 2013 7:59 p.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It was disappointing to hear the negative comments regarding the Manteca Senior Center. It is apparent that some people only chose to see the negative and overlook all of the positive changes that have taken place since the new director, Brandy Clark, has taken over.

I have been at Manteca Senior Center for several years; and during this time period I have noticed the positive effects she has had on the Center. Brandy Clark is clearly committed to the seniors in our community as well as the Center itself. She has been faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges and has risen to meet each with a positive attitude and a positive result. She continues to work on the needs of the seniors in this community despite these trying times.

As we all know, funds have been cut drastically across the board within the State of California. These cuts have taken a toll on our Senior Center as well. As I write this letter, I have personal knowledge that Brandy Clark is attempting to obtain grants to assist the seniors in continuing to enjoy the center. She has organized fundraiser and community events all in an effort to support the Center’s success.

Not everyone shares the opinion that the Manteca Senior Center has fallen into complete disarray. In fact some are happy that things are going well; and seniors are staying busy, active. It is also refreshing that the ideas and opinions of seniors as well as the volunteers working at the Center are being considered. Brandy Clark continues to have an open door policy in helping seniors and fulfilling their needs.

It is unfortunate that some people are “casting stones” instead of working towards the betterment of the Manteca Senior Center. Isn’t it said that we are either part of the solution or part of the problem? I would pray that the City Manager and the City Council would not feed into the harsh remarks of a few and look at the “big picture” and the strides that have taken place since Brandy Clark has become director of the Center. After all when you get to our age change doesn’t come easy. Wouldn’t it be in our best interest to provide the opportunity to move forward in these tough times?

The rumor and statements the Manteca Senior Center is being turned into a Community Center ran by the Parks and Recreation Department is ludicrous. While I miss those familiar faces, the new faces have been positive and clearly in the best interest of the Manteca Senior Center. Please don’t cast stones and look at all the positive changes that have taken place in our great city and all of the help the Manteca Senior Center has provided to our seniors under the new director Brandy Clark. Thank you Ms. Clark for your dedication! We appreciate all that you have done for the City of Manteca.

V.M. Lucas


March 10, 2013

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