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About Madison Grove/Lathrop intersection

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POSTED June 8, 2013 1:17 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin

I would like to mention some possible contributing factors in regards to auto accidents at Lathrop Road & Madison Grove because I frequently turn onto Lathrop Road or onto Madison Grove at this intersection:

 There are a lot of close calls of auto collisions and the slamming of brakes that never ‘make the news’.

• 1. - I agree that the trees and shrubs in the center divider on Lathrop Road, just west of Madison Grove, are a ‘major’ contributing factor of auto accidents since they greatly limit ‘line of sight’.  This is especially true for drivers on Madison Grove turning left (eastbound) onto Lathrop Road and not being able to clearly see traffic vehicles, especially some of the small cars, travelling east bound on Lathrop Road going toward Union Road.

 • 2. - There are a number of drivers that use the west bound Lathrop Road ‘right turn only’ lane onto northbound Union Road (at CVS pharmacy), but instead of turning right as required, they continue to drive west on Lathrop Road using this ‘right turn’ only lane as a passing lane to pass drivers going westbound on Lathrop Road in the authorized left lane.

• 3 - Also some vehicles in the west bound Lathrop Road right lane, west of Union Road, approach the under construction fire station at Madison Grove in the ‘right turn’ only lane and then use this lane as a passing lane instead of turning right.

Many times just barely clearing vehicles on their left as they cut left in front of the legal west bound vehicles where the two Lathrop Road lanes merge into a single lane prior to reaching London Avenue.

Here are some suggestions:

• 1 - Police traffic enforcement should, if possible, spend more time patrolling this section of roadway and ticketing violators.

• 2 - The engineer(s) that did the road way design of Lathrop Road between Union Road and London Avenue really need to revisit this entire section of road and make quick revisions or there will be fatalities.  A lot of old people in Del Webb probably could not live thru a side vehicle impact collision (lawsuit dollar signs for living relatives). 

• 3. - Center divider trees and shrubs should actually be removed and dirt area be bricked or concreted over.  This would greatly improve the observance of east bound Lathrop Road traffic for Madison Grove drivers trying to merge with this traffic.

• 4- Install traffic signals.  Is the $300,000expense worth saving lives and possibly avoiding lawsuits because this is a poorly designed traffic flow implemented section of roadway?

Donald R. Potts
June 7, 2013

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