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Czars, Hitler and Attila the Hun

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POSTED October 4, 2009 2:08 a.m.
Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The recent piece submitted by Mr. Frank Aquila about Czars in the Obama Administration was at best, humorous, and I don’t mean just the subject matter, as ludicrous as it was. (“A close look at Obama and the Czars” - Sept 27.) It was humorous to me because of the intent behind the submission. It was obvious to anyone with any common sense at all, that Mr. Aquila was not just interested in passing more misinformation, he wanted to somehow tie Obama to Communism or Socialism by using the word “Czars”. Apparently Mr. Aquila didn’t pay attention during world history class or he would have remembered that the Czars were in power before the Communists, with their Socialist agenda, who overthrew the Czars, which, by the way, was a Monarchy. So it is, that there is really no reason to debate the Czars list issue with Mr. Aquila, as anyone with a computer and an internet connection can get the real truth within minutes. If you don’t feel like doing the research, just read the Manteca Bulletin blogger’s  who replied to Mr. Aquila’s misinformation but remember the real reason for Mr. Aquila’s

Mr. Aquila and the rest of the local fringe only parrot the views taken by what now seems to be the Republican leadership, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sara Palin and the only guy who actually has a title, Michael Steele. So if you listen to these wing nuts, you can just ignore the local fringe, all you will get is the same old tired rhetoric. They all try to tie Obama to Communism, Socialism or Hitler. Yes, Hitler and the Nazis, who created a brutal, repressive society, left half the world in flames and methodically murdered millions. One could say they were the most evil force in history. Why would the fringe make such a claim? Well, because Obama makes great speeches, so understandably, in their eyes, the parallels are frightening. The rest of the sane people are only too happy to have a President who can finally actually pronounce “nuclear”.

Speaking of Michael Steel, did you hear the latest from this guy and his view of the Olympics being promoted for the U.S., Chicago to be more precise. Mr. Steele is, get this, against the Olympics being held in the U.S.. According to Mr. Steel, it won’t help the economy because the jobs won’t be seen until the time of the Olympics. Hello, does this guy think the whole infrastructure for the Olympics will just appear overnight? Doesn’t he understand how long it takes to get the Olympics off the ground? And doesn’t he understand how badly we need the new jobs? And he isn’t alone in his thinking either, we heard opposition to the Olympics from other Republican leaders including Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner. Why is the Party of NO, against the Olympics being hosted by the U.S.? Because it might reflect well on the President, that’s why. Why is that you ask, because Chicago is Obama’s home town. So it’s official, Republicans hate the Olympics. Except for former President Bush, who spent four days watching the Olympics in China. Don’t you just love these clowns? And speaking of clowns, did you notice a real honest to god circus is taking form on North Main? I half-way believe I might see some of the local fringe there looking for a job, they certainly qualify.

Another letter appeared on Sept. 29 (“Are you willing to sacrifice your children’s future for Obamcare?”), penned by Mr. Dale Burnham, who also asks why we are rushing to get health reform. Rushing? Should we wait another 50 years or so? Apparently, like the Republican leadership, Mr. Burnham is afraid of a government run health system. Mr. Burnham also once again makes the ludicrous claim that health reform will abolish Medicare. Republicans once opposed Medicare but now, like Mr. Burnham, pretend to be the protectors of Medicare, yes, protectors of a government run health care system. Do you see the hypocrisy here?

Now remember that the Republicans have no health reform bill of their own, none, nada, zilch.  Meanwhile the majority of Americans want Health Care reform and 60 percent of Americans who are forced into bankruptcy because of lack of health protection. Republicans do not want any kind of health reform, that is clear. All we can hope for is that there are enough Democrats with the guts to go it alone and anything without a public option is a gift to the Insurance companies and a loss to us all.

Mr. Burnham asks how we can handle 40 million more people without increasing the medical personnel or hospitals? First of all, those 40 million people are to be added to the medically insured. That doesn’t mean that all 40 million are sick and in need of immediate medical care, and what makes Mr. Burnham think we can’t add the medical support we need?

Finally, Mr. Burnham worries about the “sacrificing of our children”. Wow! This Obama guy isn’t like Hitler at all, he must really be Attila the Hun.
Larry Baca
Sept. 28, 2009
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