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Women don’t want quality, they want to rule instead

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POSTED October 7, 2009 2:06 a.m.
Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I ordinarily don’t read Susan Estrich’s column when it appears in the Manteca Bulletin, however her headline “Does Voting Really Matter?” on Monday, October 5th 2009, drew me in; and I tend to agree with her criticism of gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman for never having exercised the franchise yet now wants others to do just that and send her to the governor’s mansion.  

This issue, important though it may be, is not what elicits a comment from me however.  I read the entire column but was red flagged at the end of the second paragraph when she dropped this gem of female clannishness: “...I have to say that it’s about time California had a woman governor.”  This is flat out sexism, pure and simple!  What does a candidate’s gender have to do with the issues of an election or their qualifications?  This kind of thinking is very likely the reason women didn’t have the vote to begin with and should have never gotten it at all!  It was thought that meddling in electoral affairs was a distraction from any mother’s primary function which required her full focus; furthermore, the founding fathers in all likelihood had to know that females voting would dilute any issue by bringing gender into the equation in that most women never really wanted “equality” per se, and still don’t.  They want to rule.  The founding fathers kept women in their place.  However as time passed and the devil had his way through Madison Avenue and other means, men tended to get weaker and stupider while women grew stronger and smarter.  

Now, because feminized men have allowed it, we have a de facto matriarchy where children being raised by strangers is considered acceptable, too many kitchens are cold and the Army has been softened by the presence of girls in the ranks (I won’t say women because no real woman would be caught dead in the Army; mostly latent lesbians and brain washed little girls).  But I digress.  In closing it must be stated flatly that our votes will continue to be a performa demonstration as long as we allow a deregulated corporate dictatorship to hold sway at all levels of government.  “We the people” have somehow been shunted to the side along with common sense, reason, and the Lord Almighty!  (Leave the vaccine alone!)
Steven J. Catalano
Oct. 6, 2009
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