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Manteca Idol field narrows down to five

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Manteca Idol field narrows down to five

Trisha Checketts sings "Too Little, Too Late."

HIME ROMERO/The Bulletin

POSTED October 10, 2009 2:55 a.m.

How do you say goodbye to someone that has entertained you for months with spot-on vocals and a friendly demeanor that’s not common for singers of her ability?

On Wednesday it was Robyn Glover that didn’t make the cut during her first ever foray into the world of Manteca Idol – a competition that continues to get tougher year after year with repeat hopefuls that come back polished and ready.

And while I had my hopes that maybe she’d sneak even further into the competition as one of the relatively unknowns, that crown has been passed to the only remaining male candidate – Brian Rodriguez – who showed exceptional taste by picking The Beatles’ “Let it Be” as her British Invasion song.

We’ll miss you Robyn, and hopefully you’ll be back and better than ever.
But while The departure of Glover helps thin the field down to the final five candidates that will come back every week until the crowning on live television at the Boys and Girls Club Telethon on Nov. 23.

If you thought it was hard to single out only one participant to go home, we’ve reached that point of critical mass where everybody has their own unique charms that could just as easily land them on that stage at the Crutchfield Center thanking all of those who supported them during their run.

Rodriguez also nailed it when he tried his hand at Jesse McCartney’s “Beautiful Soul” he’s definitely got his work cut out for him with entrants like Brieanne Jansen that appears on a mission that doesn’t end until she’s wearing that crown – hitting a home run with the Kimberly Locke song “Change” and taking a refreshing spin with Dido’s “Here With Me” instead of the Beatles-laden tracks that had become standard fare.

And what about Trisha Checketts and her variation of the Bamaha-born Adele’s “Chasing Pavements” that she absolutely stunned with, and also added the JoJo tack “Too Little Too Late” for good measure to prove that she can not only sing but do so with a variety of different tracks.

Fortunately for 2009 we have the Junior Idol competition and we were lucky enough to hear singers like Dreama Diaz take her shot at John Lennon’s famous “Imagine” – arguably one of the most timeless songs of all time and one of the best written.

To say that she did it justice would be an endorsement.

With the entire event being a competition, it would be Hannah Goe that would be dismissed from the ranks of the Junior Idol conglomerate – but not before rocking everyone with The Clash’s “Should I State Or Should I Go” – something that I’m pretty sure Joe Strummer himself would have approved of had he been present.

The Idol frontrunner at this point has to be multiple entrant Katelyn Johnson who was dynamite with “Come on Over” – a song performed by everyone from Shania Twain to Christina Aguilera to Jessica Simpson over the years.

On Wednesday, however, it was all Johnson as she not only nailed the lyrics but showed what sort of a stage performer she has blossomed into over the years.

Now if I had my druthers, I’d love to see Johnson go up against Brian Rodriguez with Trisha Checketts to round out the sudden-death scenario, and it’s something that could very easily happen by the time the dust settles.

The only problem with that is that Brieanne Jansen seems like she’s ready to sign her first record contract immediately, and Judi Hoagland can sing anything that the judges put in front of her.

It’s going to be a tough road ahead for those who have to make the decisions, but it’s safe to say that this is one of the most talented crop of singers that Manteca Idol has ever seen – making the $5 admission price at Chez Shari on Wednesday nights an absolute steal.
Oh, and the money also goes to help provide a positive place for kids that might not have the best home life.

The end of the road is coming fast, and that means that the competition is heating up. So clear your Wednesdays and come and support some of the best that Manteca has to offer while at the same time helping children stay out of trouble.

After all, you’ve got the easiest part – just enjoying the music for what it is.
You could always be judge.

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