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A one-stop shop for health

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POSTED January 30, 2013 3:42 p.m.

Where in the Central Valley can residents experience a medical “mall” designed to accommodate every wellness need ranging from a massage spa to a surgery center while still incorporating amenities for weddings, events, and an upscale Italian restaurant? Only in Turlock.

Roughly 20 tenants inhabit the Tower Health & Wellness Center building, from physical therapists to a flower shop for guests of patients and everything in between.

Tower Health and Wellness President and CEO Dr. Sam JW Romeo believes that health care should be a partnership between patients and doctors who share a common goal: live fast, love hard, and die quickly.

The principle of the building is designed to make the patient responsible for their own lifestyle. The center doesn’t believe in a futile care process where thousands of dollars are spent for one visit to the hospital. He believes that each patient should be responsible for their own wellness by putting the opportunity of sustaining their lives into their own hands.

“It is collaborative. It is a partnership. If you really think about this whole concept and the fundamental issues, we recognize that you don’t do things to people, you don’t do things for people, you do things to help people. Patients come in here and understand that they are a partner,” Romeo said.

Since its initial opening in 2005, the Tower Health and Wellness Center has strived to not only offer top-notch medical services, but also a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere that promotes well-being.  The Spanish-style building includes an atrium full of fountains, cast iron rails, and crown moldings, despite functioning as a medical center with additional amenities.

“We even have a restaurant,” Romeo said of Toscana’s. “The point was that people do better if they feel better. They feel better if they are in an environment that makes them happy. We built this around that concept.”

The architectural design takes body and mind into account, which subconsciously puts the patients at ease.

“This is a family-oriented town that has community spirit. All those attributes made it attractive for us to take care of patients, and provide health care. It gave us an opportunity to put the plan together. We are people; we are body, mind, and spirit. Spirituality is a part of this process. Feeling good and doing well is important,” said Romeo.

Dr. Chris Hawley, medical director for wellness and prevention, saw the building plans shortly before the Tower’s opening in 2005 and immediately wanted to be part of the ground-breaking wellness center.

“The design was so forward thinking that it was just light years ahead of anything else like it. There is no other health center anywhere like it in the country. I think it integrates a feeling of wellness with a community of people all designed to help people get healthier,” he said.

Hawley also stated that while speaking at lectures from different parts of the country, most spectators listened with surprise at how well Turlock was able to incorporate a building and health plan designed for its residents.

“It means that Turlock is committed to quality, beauty, and being a great place that great things can happen,” said Hawley.

For more information about the Tower Health and Wellness Center, visit

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