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Cuts weight & controls his diabetes

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Cuts weight & controls his diabetes

Personal trainer Reggie Arquines has his client, Ruby Garcia, pulling the tractor tire during a recent workout.

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POSTED May 29, 2013 5:53 p.m.

About three years ago, Reggie Arquines hit a low point in his life.

Diabetes had controlled his life during those previous 10 years.

This chronic disease, according to the World Health Organization, occurs when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin or when the body can’t effectively use the insulin it produces. Hyperglycemia – that’s raised blood sugar – is a common effect of uncontrolled diabetes, which, over time, can lead to serious damage to many of the body’s system, in particular, the nerves and blood vessels.

Arquines’ diabetes had reached the point where his body was dependent on a 24-hour insulin pump.

“The worse of it was living with the pain, tingling and always having to poke a finger for blood – I wanted to die,” he said.

Arquines, 38, opted to do something about it.

With help from his wife, Beth – short for Elizabeth; they’ve been married for 10 years – he turned to a nearby health club, In-Shape /West Lane. Together, they signed on to have Jesse Serna serve as their personal trainer.

“Jesse became my inspiration,” Arquines said.

He and Beth also took to classes offered at In-Shape, including the group cycling as taught by the likes of Angela Leonardo and Michelle Stone.

Arquines not only kept with his workout program but he changed his diet. He now eats six times a day, including three regular meals and three snacks of anything totaling 300 calories. “I used to eat all the bad stuff,” he said.

The changes came along gradually – one step at a time – and Arquines soon saw his body go from a pudgy 265 pounds to 185 pounds in a span of 2 ½ years. More importantly, his body was no longer dependent on the insulin. He kept pump around as a reminder.

In that span, he and Beth became proud parents of a daughter, Mikayla – Reggie also has an 18-year-old daughter, Chrystal, from a previous marriage – and Arquines, as an expression of his gratitude, turned to his gym family to serve as sponsors during his baby’s Baptism.

“I couldn’t have got to this point without their support,” he said.

Although an LVN, Arquines became certified to teach group cycling classes about 18 months ago. He took over the classes that were previously operated by his mentors and quickly developed a loyal following among the gym folks.

At one point, he was doing about two classes daily almost every other day, but relinquished a few after shedding too much weight.

“I was down to 175 but my body was feeling flimsy,” said Arquines, who is comfortable at 190 pounds.

He also became personal trainer, with hopes of inspiring others living with physical ailments.

Arquines oversees their workouts and talks about nutrition. “Nutrition and diet go hand in hand,” he said.

His other workout tips include:

• Do not get out of form. “Always make sure that your form is correct,” he added.

• Do not over-train.

• Do not over-cardio.

Arquines is still amazed at how far he’s come along in the past three years.

Now free of diabetes, he continues his own workout schedule while leading others to incorporate health and fitness to their lifestyle.

Arquines is enjoying the best physical shape of his life.

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