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Physician shoots big game with his camera

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Physician shoots big game with his camera

Dr. Anil Sain is shown with some of his photographs.

GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

POSTED July 27, 2013 1:54 a.m.

Most photos in medical offices are pretty standard fare.

That’s not the case in Dr. Anil Sain’s medical practice on Norman Drive in Manteca.

The longtime Manteca physician has his prize winning photographs of animals and flowers from Alaska to South Africa mounted on his walls.  They include polar bears from Alaska to tigers, lions and ostriches that he has captured with his lens in Africa.

Sain has traveled around the world with camera in hand including a previous Winter Olympics where he was given the credentials of a freelance photographer and writer to cover the event.  His stories and photos made it into the pages of a regional newspaper as well as into several magazines including “Relax” – a magazine geared to delight fellow physicians.

Sain does his own processing at his home where he has a custom printer producing large state-of-the-art photographs suitable for framing.  His soft-focus approach to photographing flowers is considered by fellow photographers as top-of-the-class.  Adding to the appreciation of the animal world, he has produced eye-catching shots of an eclipse or two. 

His interest in nature photography almost took his life years ago when he was charged by an elephant on one of his trips to the jungles of Africa and was badly injured in the process.

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