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A big trend for health-conscious clients

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Precious Jimenez, right, and Candace Shephard of Mimosa Day Spa on West Yosemite Avenue in Manteca.

ROSE ALBANO RISSO/209 Health & Wellness

POSTED July 31, 2013 8:29 p.m.

Day spas are not just for manicures, pedicures and perms anymore.

“They’re not just hair salons anymore. They’ve branched out from hair salons and created their own. They’re becoming a very big, growing industry,” said Kyndra Wilson, one of the aestheticians at Indulgence, one of the many day spas in Manteca alone.

“A lot of people are taking better care of themselves. They are concerned with aging, so they are doing all they can do to maintain their youth. And that goes with exercise and nutrition. So they come to places like us to help maintain or correct or help the external things going on in their body,” she said.

The two certified massage therapists on their staff have a lot of clients who come in “if they have real severe headaches and migraines” and have a massage to help relieve the pressure, Wilson said.

“A lot of people come in just to release stress by getting a massage or facial. They get to lie down, close their eyes, relax and have peace of mind after a long hard day. We have a lot of evening clients,” she added.

Some of their clients who come in for the massage therapy come to the spa after they have seen their chiropractor for adjustments.

“They come to us to get a little more rub-out” and to feel better, she said.

“They do help with their health,” Wilson said of the plethora of services that day spas provide.

They all tie together for someone’s health and wellness, she said.

In fact, she added, “a lot of day spas are bringing in nutritionists,” with some of them offering other things such as yoga and herbal teas.

“We haven’t gone that route, but a lot of day spas are branching out because everything ties together,” she said.

Going to a day spa is like taking a mini-vacation, Wilson said. “That’s how I treat my clients. I make them feel like it’s a get-away for the day, unwind from everyday life.”

And while clients are mostly women, more men are starting to appreciate the advantages of going to day spas, Wilson said.

“We get some of them here, but not on a regular basis,” she said.

Usually, they come in to get a haircut and other complementary treatments “like a scalp massage. That’s another relaxing part for our clients.”

Body wrap is another therapeutic service offered by day spas, but Indulgence is not offering that – yet. Mimosa Spa Salon on West Yosemite Avenue is one of those in Manteca that offers it.

Wraps are more than just beauty treatments, explained Candace Shephard of Mimosa Spa Salon who calls them “detox body wraps.

“They cleanse the body of all toxins. We use a cream – MLIS is the company that we get the body cream from – and what the cream does is it soaks into your lymphatic system and helps cleanse all the toxins like food preservatives, environmental toxins – all the bad stuff in your body.”

She emphasized though that one has to “have a good diet along with it. If you are eating bad and have the wrap, the wrap is not really going to help, for people who are trying to be healthy.”

The wrap takes about an hour. There are people who get it done almost every week, but a lot of their clients get it once every two weeks.

“You can do it once or twice a week,” Shephard said.

Wilson said people who work at day spas like massage therapists and aestheticians have to be certified or licensed by the state. That’s because “you deal with chemicals” and make sure you understand about sanitation.

One has to go to school to get a certificate, complete so many hours of studies and “get certified by a certified establishment certified by the state,” Wilson explained.

“You can do a lot of damage if you don’t know what you’re doing with massage; same thing with skin facials. We’re dealing with glycolic acids … and some people can be allergic to some of those. So you have to make sure you’re doing everything correctly,” she said.

Nowadays, said Wilson, “a lot of people are taking better care of themselves. A lot of them are showing interest in new workouts that they can do at home, new products that they can use to help keep their skin healthy and glowing.”

Day spas provide all that and more. They provide “a nice relaxing retreat, and it’s becoming very popular and trendy,” Wilson said.

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