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About Manteca’s panhandling crackdown

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POSTED August 1, 2013 1:36 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

For a number of years our fair city has been plagued with issues. Jack Snyder when he was on the city council had an issue with barking dogs disturbing his sleep. Months later, Councilman Snyder has another issue with people in his neighbor setting off fireworks around the Fourth of July. His fear was that a spark could fall on the roof of his house, setting it ablaze. Later another issue pops up with trains roaring through town all night long with horns blazing away. This was brought to the attention of our council, but fell on deaf ears. No doubt the noise from the trains had deafened all the council members, because nothing was done to curtail this necessary noise.

And now another issue recently pops up in the Union Ranch subdivision. Toters being set out to early and not being brought in a timely manner. City rules, yeah right. And now of all things the issue of panhandling has surfaced again. Every home in our fair city has received a sneaky note in the city’s utility service bill. Now the city is pleading, urging people to report all panhandling to the police. The police can have their Tip-A-Cop, the fire department can have their Fill-the Boot, but some poor soul seeking a few meager cents will be arrested and thrown in the clink.

This issue should apply to all forms of pan handling all or none. All the council members should get out and see how some of these poor souls live. They might sing a different song on this panhandling issue, but most likely not. They could care less about the poor.

As stated at a previous council meeting by Richard Hanson when the new transit station is completed and is operating on a full-time basis this station will be a haven for the homeless. The telephones at the police station will be jumping off the hooks from people reporting panhandlers and all sorts of derelicts hanging around. This issue has only begun.

Fred Millner
July 30, 2013

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