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What’s next? Manteca by the Sea?

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POSTED August 10, 2013 2:03 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I would like to applaud the Mayor and the City Council for their excellent foresight and superb judgment in the construction of the new transit station. Lesser minds and more timid spirits may not have foreseen the long term consequences of that action, and the many ways in which it will serve to benefit the residents of our fair city immediately, and in the years to come.

 The owners of the Rose Motel, long a Manteca icon, wasted no time ‘boarding the gravy train’ by renaming their fine establishment ‘The Inn at the Station’, a stroke of genius that alone should be worth a rate hike of at least another fifty bucks per night. Of course, the yuppies and hipsters who will now flock to it in droves won’t care. They have expendable income to burn. You and I, however, recognize it for what it is, just another step in the gentrification of our once affordable city, and a warning bell which tolls for us all. However, for the prepared, it could be a gold mine.

 As property rates along Moffat Boulevard begin to sky rocket, that funky old trailer park will be a lot easier on the eyes when it is given a new moniker, perhaps ‘The Cottages on Station Hill’. And of course, the water tank, long a point of contention in some circles of city politics, will only benefit by rebranding it as ‘Pigeons Roost at Station View Commons’. With a name like that, historic monument status is all but guaranteed.

 Ultimately, as city officials become involved and carry this trend to its extreme conclusion, the name of the city itself will have to be spruced up a bit. My suggestion is ‘Manteca by the Sea’. It is only a slight exaggeration considering our proximity to the Delta which is, the last time I checked, directly connected to the Pacific Ocean. And considering our location in relationship to the sea when compared to the majority of other cities in the western hemisphere, who could argue with such a description? I can almost hear my property values going through the roof!

 So, let the naysayers rant and moan. I’m ‘onboard’ with the Mayor and the City Council on this one.

Stephen Breacain
Aug. 9, 2013

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