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Twin tunnels will devastate Delta region

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POSTED August 15, 2013 1:00 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

That was a very good column (Dennis Wyatt: “Lies, damn lies, & the twin tunnels,” you wrote in Friday’s Aug. 9 edition of the Bulletin about the Twin Tunnels which have been proposed but will never be of any value to this part of California. The costs of such an endeavor will be astronomical.

It has always been a fact in this state that whatever the estimated costs for any public work project always balloons by 300% or more. For examples, the new Bay Bridge was bid at $1.5 billion but is now costing $7.5 billion. The high speed rail was voted in with a $10 billion voting proposition, it is now being spoken of as costing $60 billion or more.

The twin tunnels proposition will be a death knell for the Delta waterways as we who live here have grown to love for all of its enticements. Fishing will be heavily impacted if not destroyed completely as the waters turn more brackish. Water activities will be greatly affected, not only boating but swimming as well.

Even the proposed beginning point, which is Courtland, is a very political sore point for me. By starting that far south of Sacramento, the Sacramento area will not be affected by their water quality changing in a detrimental manner. Their water sports and river activities also will not be affected in any manner.

The whole idea of twin tunnels to carry water south is Southern California’s idea of sharing. That is a lot of nonsense. They need more water in order to expand their real estate development. Perhaps if swimming pools were not allowed to be built, they might have enough water to meet their demands without the twin tunnels.

With all the proposed projects being bandied about by politicians and special interest groups, I don’t know how our future generations will be able to pay for them. Good luck is all I can say to them.

We must remember that the twin tunnels will, much like a whirlpool or tornado, just suck and suck and suck until our area is devastated.

Carl Wackerly
August 12, 2013

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