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Council should support chief on smoking in parks

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POSTED August 24, 2013 1:51 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The issue of banning smoking at the city’s parks was shut down by the Big Three: Councilman Vince Hernandez, Mayor Willie Weatherford, and Councilman Steve DeBrum.

Councilman John Harris said the police chief should have had the council’s full support on this issue. Hernandez was worried about societal beliefs. How strange Hernandez says he doesn’t smoke but has an occasional cigar. Now Hernandez does a flip flop on smoking. Hernandez says he has visited several parks. Since Hernandez is worried about smoking in city parks, perhaps he should become a park ranger.

Councilman DeBrum says he used to smoke but doesn’t smoke any more, but has an occasional cigar. He is worried about undermining individual rights. What about panhandlers Steve, don’t they have rights? Hernandez and DeBrum speak with a forked tongue. They both should resign.

And our mayor says now he was concerned about the costs. How strange he never shows any concern when it came to hiring a brainwasher, also known as a consultant, to do a simple study that city staff could do, but don’t do.

Throughout his term as our mayor, Willie has made several jokes that have drawn a big roar of laughter from the people attending council meetings. Perhaps when his term as mayor is up maybe Willie should consider becoming a comedian or a Twinkie salesman. If Hernandez and councilman DeBrum and the mayor were Rhodes Scholars, there would be no need to have a city staff.

Fred Millner


August 21, 2013

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