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Regulating firearms & the Syrian rebels

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POSTED September 16, 2013 1:20 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It’s a good thing the Syrian rebels are not living in California otherwise, they would find it much more difficult to obtain firearms (legally) than they are now.  Over the past few days, the Main Stream Media (MSM) news stories are saying the Obama crowd have already started delivering small arms and ammo to these rebels. 

 Wonder what kind of “rules/laws” apply to them, eh?  Do they have to fill out an individual form for each weapon?  Do they show legal ID or have the Feds and State check their criminal and or mental health backgrounds? Are they allowed more than one firearm per month?  Do they have to wait 10 to 15 days (not including weekends or holidays) for the “right” to obtain a firearm?  How about ammo?  Are they face to face for the transaction?  Were they fingerprinted? Or is this one of those mystical “private gun transactions” the MSM is fond of decrying when legal American attempt to sell or give a firearm to another?

 Another question begs an answer.  Do these ongoing firearm transactions have the requirements of the United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty that Mr. Obama is so fond of, and is trying to shove down the Americans throat? 

 Where do the (just to name a few) The Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, The Educational Fund to End Handgun Violence, The Violence Policy Center, CeaseFire, Inc., Americans for Gun Safety, stand on this matter?  Where is Mayor Bloomberg and his diminishing gang of “Mayors against gun violence” on all of this?

 It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad, but we haven’t heard a word of outrage from these folks when it comes to the U.S. selling/giving full automatic weapons  of war to people associated with al-Queda terrorists!  While at the same time, these folks turn themselves inside out to prevent honest, law abiding American citizens from buying a firearm for defense, hunting or pleasure.

 It is a good thing those Syrians don’t live here. They’d be up the proverbial creek like us.


Al Barth


Sept. 12, 2013

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